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  1. Pretty quiet today since the last M Flare early this morning. Hope for an Xflare soon.
  2. Mondy .. the more links the better !! Thanks !
  3. yes.. looks likea nice sunspot.. however, seems to be quiet ... so far ..
  4. Mondy , new sunspot coming into view now .. Cheers !
  5. Hey guys... things sure are quiet.. except for a bit of aurora because of the IMF and solar wind... perhaps another spot on the farside. I sure hope so ! Cheers Kevin
  6. C1.7 flare earlier.. new spot or spots should be making its way around the eastern limb soon. Cheers.
  7. Mondy , tnx compliments about the shack .. spent 3 hours rearranging stuff for the picture hihi... the desk is not always that clean. Hope some solar activity happens soon. Starting to go crazy. Cheers, Kevin
  8. nice to see an aurora opening in europe today.. wish it would have lasted for NA.. perhaps later this evening. Cheers
  9. RR.. 2 spots, however X-Ray flux has been pretty flat all day long.. so its looking like things should remain quiet.
  10. Sure enough, sun gets quiet, as spot comes into view. maybe things will change.
  11. Here is a comparison of the flare location from yesterday, and the C3 from half hour ago.. appears to be 2 different spots. http://www.solarcycle24.com/pictures/flares.gif different latitude location.
  12. Little C3 , this video shows the original CME yesterday and then the C6 this morning. http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/LATEST/current_c2.mpg Frogesque, little correction, that link above with the CME, was of the one ranked as B9... that was on Jan 24th utc, the C6 happened on Jan 25th utc. Lets go for an M Flare next. Maybe something is just getting ready to burst.
  13. nice.. forgot to check soloarmonitor.org , there site has been up and down lately. Will add to my site. Cheers
  14. Gray-Wolf, that ejection is not earth directed, so no impact on earth most likely. In the next week as the spot turns into view, any similar ejection will be more earth directed and can have impact.. by impact i mean, nice aurora's, geomagnetic storm. No harm to us, only problems it can cause if the geo storm is severe to extreme, is voltage trouble with transformers, power stations, and can cause blackouts. THis is very rare though. As soon as the spot is in view, NOAA space environment center will anylize the complexity of the spot, but judging by the explosion.. it would have to certainl
  15. Hey Mondy, GM, or GA your way.. i too am also bonkers, hence the website hihi. Hoping there will be some aurora in store for us if this sunspot group persists.
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