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  1. Such a shame for us in Kent
  2. Seems to be building at the southern end too. Plus starting to swing a little more westerly
  3. So it’s all pushing NW out of Kent at the moment. Was this expected? is it going to turn any time soon?
  4. So, the radar appears to be sending all the snow NW now. Was this expected?
  5. Here in New Barn NW Kent it’s started to pep up nicely. Covering road & pavements in the last 20mins. Snow was almost like soft hail... mini snowballs. Hopefully the start....
  6. Steve, How do you think we’ll fair up here in NW Kent please? Always value your thoughts mate
  7. How do you think it’ll be tomorrow Steve? Unsure on whether to drive into work or not. Was a bit hairy this morning
  8. Hopefully the wind will turn more Easterly for us overnight Steve. Fingers crossed
  9. New Barn, NW Kent: Had a decent couple of showers here & have a covering, but a lot of the heavier stuff is missing me. Does anyone know if & when the wind will swing more easterly?
  10. Steve, Are you really that optimistic for us here in NW Kent? 10 inches by end of Wednesday? Best Chris
  11. How do you rate our chances of seeing some decent snowfall please Steve?
  12. Steve, ill be interested to hear how you get on driving home later. I’ll be heading from London to New Barn via the A20. Do do you think I’ll need to plan a different route? Cheers
  13. New Barn. Starting to settle on all surfaces well
  14. Might take a drive up there later Steve. Here in New Barn it’s starting to settle on the cars