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  1. Just woke to best covering of this cold spell and it is still lightly snowing now. Will take a measure when I get up but looks like a good 4-5cms overnight.
  2. Having just caught one I can confirm 2cms in a very short space of time. Next shower looks like it will go slightly north of here.
  3. Coming down thick and fast in Southend, temp up slightly compared to past 48 hours as the wind has changed to a more easterly direction, has definitely helped pep up the snow though overnight.
  4. We have had pretty much constant snow today with the radar showing nothing, now it's pepped up nothing falling from the sky, all very odd, I guess it's a case of lamppost watching!
  5. Showers look like they might start to be pushing a bit further inland, could clip us in Southend area.
  6. Been stuck at 0.3 for an hour now, shame we can't edge a touch lower as we have plenty of the white stuff falling.
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