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  1. Wet snow hitting the window screen on the drive home from leigh to Southend. Just need the temp to drop a bit more!
  2. Had a feeling it was going to be a blow out on the estuary when I was posting the rising temperatures prior to midnight. Well done to everyone who got there snow fix further in land away from the south essex and north kent coast.
  3. I think anyone on the Essex coast is going to be disappointed tonight, now up to 2.1c, the models did suggest this could be the case.
  4. Another tick up to 1.9, definitely pulling in some milder air at this end of south essex!
  5. Not liking the up tick in temp to 1.8, d p on the other hand going the other way and down to - 3.
  6. Will do, just put the bins out, no pink yet!
  7. Definate up tick in moisture at the mouth of the estuary!
  8. Temperature just sneeking up a touch in Southend from earlier low, sitting at 1.7,dp - 2.6.
  9. Definitely looking like it's pepping up over west essex.
  10. Really surprised your not doing better Paul over in leigh, I live near Southchurch Park and it is always at least a degree warmer when I leave for work in the morning before I get to belfairs area of leigh. Fine lines tonight but Thursday definitely looks more promising.
  11. Pretty disappointing in Southend was looking promising 30mins ago when temp dropped suddenly but leveled of now at 2c, what's the latest in Leigh-on-Sea?
  12. Decent little covering now in Leigh-on-Sea, very unexpected!
  13. Streamer struggling to get going really, can only report 2/10 in Southend at the moment.
  14. Moderate snow now falling in Southend and readily settling on all surfaces other than roads.
  15. Southend / Leigh-on-Sea area getting hammered for the last hour.