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  1. Streamer struggling to get going really, can only report 2/10 in Southend at the moment.
  2. Moderate snow now falling in Southend and readily settling on all surfaces other than roads.
  3. Southend / Leigh-on-Sea area getting hammered for the last hour.
  4. Estuary looks like it is firing up again, radar returns intensifying on ever update with greens appearing on North Kent coast. Just checked out the window and it's starting to snow again in Southend.
  5. Southend on the North side of the estuary and Maidstone on the South seem to be in the sweet spots at the moment.
  6. Usually the other way around, I normally find the snow is worse when I travel to work in Leigh-on-Sea from Southend. Just started snowing again, although nothing on what is hitting Maidstone over the estuary!
  7. Temporary pause while in between showers, currently have 6-7cm on the ground, would like to think 10cm isn't out the question by the morning if the train of showers maintain their current course.
  8. Incredible heavy 50p size flakes coming down, next shower round Burnham should hit you if it maintains it strength on it's west side.
  9. Coming down thick and fast again in Southend.
  10. Next one on the way although not so intense looking, lining up after that so could hopefully get a few more cms by the morning.
  11. The difference a few miles make, in Southend it has been hammering it down for the past 20-30mins.
  12. Best snow shower of the day, big fluffy flakes 9/10.
  13. Southend getting hammered total whiteout!
  14. That big one before Burnham has our name on it hopefully.