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  1. After what seems an eternity of Boring weather, Im hoping for a action packed Spring and Summer of dramatic Thunderstorms!!!

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      If I'd been in NW England in August 2004 I would probably have enjoyed that month too. In Tyneside though we were plagued by "haar" during the first half (d'oh!) and had only one significant thunderstorm. It really reflects how pants this area of the country is in summer (lol).

    3. Scorcher


      Haha yes I was in Manchester at the time and it was great, lots of warmth and humidity along with plenty of thundery activity. It would be an ideal month for many parts with the current drought situation.

    4. Bottesford


      A hot & humid summer would be lovely. Rain coming from hefty storms instead of endless Atlantic fronts which only server to rot my tomatoes!