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  1. Just can't believe it's the 1st February and we seem no further on then when this dreadful weather pattern reared it's ugly head in mid-December. Still a little time left of course. Only one or two posters left in the model output thread and there's nothing for them to do but keep repeating what's already been said. Must admire their commitment!

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      This is fast looking like becoming the worst winter I have ever known. Not one single sodding flake so far. It will have to take something pretty exceptional to salvage it now!

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      I hate it on two fronts: The lack of snow is one, and the endless rain is the other.

    3. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      If this is the year without a winter hopefully next year will be the year without a summer.

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