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  1. That’s really reassuring, in an odd way. always depressing to go from 2 flakes to 1, yet it may mean very little in the broad scheme of things . thankyou
  2. What’s your opinion for Maldon/ Danbury ? We’re in the amber but kind of tucked in along the coast.
  3. It was a lot, the fact I thought I could was purely lack of experience in bad conditions , and of bad conditions, would guess many youngsters will try themselves this weekend. ‘tis spooky it’s 30 years and we will likely get another blast. Sunday is my sons 25 th birthday, so a memorable one for him.
  4. I was living in Heybridge , and had just passed my driving test the Oct before. I was seeing a fella in bradwell on sea, and told my dad I was going to drive down there.... in all that snow. needless to say I wasn’t allowed, for a huge b****cking for even suggesting it. the road from maldon to bradwell on sea, once past latchingdon, is a bit remote and bleak...and flat! The drifts would have been ridiculous. Live up near a Danbury now, rural and high up , so I’m hoping for some decent snow this weekend.
  5. I recall during 2009 or maybe 2010 a plea going out for anyone with 4x4 vehicles to help support various services ( district nurses and ambulance crews being etc) if and I appreciate it’s an if, the hoped for cold spell does turn out to be a beastie then surely under the present situation they couldn’t request such support from the general population? all academic at this range, no hopes being raised in the house to T-72!
  6. Even if tomorrow is a damp squib, it’s still mid January. do you reckon this reverse psychology stuff works?
  7. You’ll have to be quick, posts are only lasting a few seconds , which is winding the poster up.
  8. The mods in Mad Thread are having fun tonight . Someone’s being a complete ****** in there. not being allowed to have a personal chat room perhaps? edit to add which thread, not here , it’s nice in here .
  9. Quite, we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors and he had already said some time before he was spending time with family. if anyone is in direct contact, please pass on he’s missed already. he was always accurate and honest regarding weather chances. if he’s gone elsewhere it would be worthwhile knowing where.
  10. Well if he’s gone, that’s a tremendous shame, so we need Sir Nick of Sussex and Mr Murr to team up, and we can leave the Mod thread to. the Scott and Kasim show.
  11. Well, even though Twitter is imploding , I’ll still find out if Mr Murr is confident of snow or no! cheers @yamkin
  12. @TEITShas been on my mind as well. I hope he’s still with us, and not anything else . apologies Mods but, it’s the season for thinking of others. The old names who’ve been around for so long, are noticed when they go quiet.
  13. Just peeked in the MAD thread to catch up..... lots of "things we cannot name ", I think I've figured out that one interpretation is BBC forecasts , and I think? The other is back ground signals ? Can anyone confim?
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