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  1. Just peeked in the MAD thread to catch up..... lots of "things we cannot name ", I think I've figured out that one interpretation is BBC forecasts , and I think? The other is back ground signals ? Can anyone confim?
  2. I for one don't really mind a less than perfect Christmas ,because the real prize looks like it's on the horizon. if ,as anticipated,we have a stonking January ,I would like to thank all contributors to the forum,and the mods as it may not be a peaceful new year for them.
  3. I'm nr Danbury , between Maldon and Chelmsford. V strong winds , fairly big flakes, I anticipate #bigblob to reach me within the hour.
  4. Can't get rid of quote box lots of Kent peeps having freezing rain, if anyone in Essex gets it can they holler, I must drive between 12.45 - 2.30 so a heads up would be good.
  5. I'm in Essex between maldon and Danbury, the wind is very strong from the east. could that 'create' further snow for my area off the sea today?
  6. That's why I've jumped ship , rather have happy peeps. although it's now snowing heavily nr Danbury Essex. sorry for double quote
  7. I don't belong in this thread , I'm near Danbury in Essex , but this thread livelier than the other one , so I'll share your excitement. i can't imagine we shall see much, just enjoying the cold from in front of the log burner.
  8. Sorry can't get rid of the quote box. have fun sledging everyone, but there is always a tragedy occurring when we get snow, cos it's a relative rarity. so if you've got older kids, who are gonna go out on their own, warn them to check for fences and obstacles which may or may not be hidden by snow.All to often overlooked in the excitement of a speed run down a hill. stay safe and have fun!
  9. I don't think the thread should split, but bearing in mind confusion on mobiles re locations, perhaps we all just get used to tagging on the end of posts, our location. nr Danbury Essex
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