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  1. With all models trending in the wrong direction for cold it seems pretty likely now a Greenland high won't establish. Not that it's quite over yet but wouldn't be surprised. Cannot believe some of the cherry picking and ramping in the model thread recently. Discard the ECM at your peril!

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    2. karyo


      Last December was damaging for some parts of the country but as a weather enthusiast it was better than this one as it offered something interesting - storms! This December doesn't offer anything memorable.

    3. Richard2901


      What a surprise. 2014 has been execrable from start to finish. It's like a curse has been placed on it. Even last year had some snow by this point and far more frost. The most pathetic start to a winter here since 1994.

    4. lassie23


      I think the MOD thread should be locked until the models start behaving themselves!

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