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  1. Very humid evening with mizzle here in Truro, my new permanent residence. Looking forward to next weeks sunshine.
  2. A cracking morning here. Lovely sunrise, a little mist in the sheltered spots but it is setting up to be a beautiful morning across the duchy.
  3. Cracking morning here in Cornwall. Here is a picture of the mist shrouding Truro Cathedral this morning at 7am. Promises to be a superb sunny day today.
  4. Will be interesting to see if anything electrical occurs this far south west. I doubt it but stranger things have happened.
  5. Another gorgeous day here but some trees really showing signs of stress now under the really dry conditions. Some tree leaves turning an autumnal yellow and red colour. Easy to tell it is water stress though as this occurring at the top of the trees, thus occurring where leaves recieve the maximum light and heat and are obviously also furthest from the root systems and water source. Our front lawn is completely brown now.
  6. This afternoon is even better than yesterday now. Wall to wall sunshine and it feels even warmer. Cracking day and the best August summery spell for some time imo.
  7. Apart from a brief cloudy spell this morning it is now outstanding with more wall to wall sunshine and arguably it is now even better than yesterday. Best August spell for quite some time imo.
  8. 2nd day of wall to wall sunshine. Hazier today but have avoided most of it here. Very warm too and the BBQ will be lit later on. cant say this summer has been a bad one. Ok perhaps the best of it hasn't fallen at the weekends but that is always likely when the weekend is only 2 days long of course in a week. June was wet but we avoided the worst of the gloom imo and since July it has been very dry. We have had some very good sunny days and throughout the summer it has generally been warm. Certainly not a summer to remember for long but considering the dross since 2007, one of the better ones.
  9. 2nd day of wall to wall sun here. Hazier today but very warm.
  10. Wall to wall sunshine here and very warm. Lots of light aircraft flying about today, making use of the excellent conditions.
  11. Yes not a good day here. Not cold but just grey. As usual Cornwall enjoying the sunshine so hoping this theme continues when I get back there next weekend.
  12. Pleasant enough afternoon here with some good breaks and brightness. Not a dull one at all and pleasantly warm.
  13. Lovely day here. Cloudier around 3pm but seems to be brightening up again a bit now. Very dry though and the grass is turning noticeably brown now. Moving back to Cornwall from next weekend so looking forward to hopefully enjoying nice days by the beach and the stunning coastline.
  14. Cracking day here! Wall to wall sunshine and very pleasant and a nice little breeze. One of the best summer days for sure.
  15. Indeed it is more tempting to keep pressing the snooze button. Thankfully for a large majority, we are still some way off proper dark mornings/evenings. I do like the cosyness of dark evenings in winter. Just wish there was more daylight in the morning to help wake me up.
  16. Given the high pressure that looks to set up to our east (and especially if it sits over Scandinavia) seems likely to be a fair deal stronger than the one that brought the July plume, I would be surprised if the Atlantic found it so easy to sweep through this time. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Atlantic attack delayed somewhat - has happened a fair few times before if I am correct. Also looks to be a possible good scope for a rinse and repeat pattern. Even if the Atlantic does break through somewhat, I am not seeing troughs wanting to sit over us. The core of low heights looks to be well to our NW in the upcoming period.
  17. Really great weekend here in Falmouth. Sometimes cloudy but often sunny by day and warm. Saw the Wurzels this evening as part of Falmouth Week. Great event. Such an awesome atmosphere in town right now.
  18. Very pleasant last couple of days here in the far south west. Beaches are busy and best of all, Falmouth Week is just beginning. Lots going on and something for everyone. Very tempted to go to the Wurzels and Cider evening on Sunday!
  19. A superb day in Falmouth. Prolonged sunshine and very pleasant too. A great ice cream enjoyed at Swanpool Beach too!
  20. Noticeable changes at bit ends of the day now but quite a way before evenings become too dark to enjoy yet. I do like light at least from just before I wake up in the morning. It helps to wake me up. When it is still dark when waking up, I do find it harder to get going in the morning.
  21. Classic Mizzle day here today. Pretty muggy though. Hopefully some sunshine later this week.
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