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  1. They are just a thread of the particular model run they come from. Their accuracy obviously over 10 days is pants
  2. 4 out of the last 5 months in Dublin have been notably drier than average. And the annual LTA rainfall for Dublin airport is 757 mm. Seems southern England is having a extraordinarily poor summer as I’ve noticed your posts are depicting a desperately depressing summer for you. Just curious if you might move to the Mediterranean to cheer yourself up. Most be very difficult for you.
  3. Broke the record by 0.4c. That’s impressive. Amazing day out there. It certainly feels hotter than I can ever remember, not very scientific I know, but this feels different. For one the humidity seems higher than 50 to 60%. Maybe I’m getting older or the beer fat i have grown over lockdown is swaying things
  4. Is that the deviation from average or the mean? Here's the June 2021 anomaly 1981 - 2010 chart
  5. May as well add in the missing bits of Ireland to help form of picture of the two islands. Clearly a very good June after a poor May. For the farmers, moisture deficit (the measure in MM) needed to return soil to Saturated, this weekend and next week will alleviate this.
  6. Improving picture as next weeks low pressure moves along. Rain for many, but improving all the while.
  7. ECM for next week and rain anomaly And the Temp anomaly Since end of May I've been living a charmed existence over here, still 0.8mm for the month, lots of sun and tan and mean temp running 0.6c above monthly average. Certainly not complaining if we get a little rain over the next couple of days.
  8. Yep models were given Claritin first thing this morning.
  9. June 19 and Dublin airport monthly rainfall currently 0.8mm, with some showers forecast for Sunday, probably will end Sunday with treble the current total. Otherwise next week is ok and if you leave an reasonably active life you won't even notice it.
  10. Oh, Mary, this London's a wonderful sight With people here working by day and by night They don't sow potatoes, nor barley nor wheat But there' gangs of them digging for gold in the streets At least when I asked them that's what I was told So I just took a hand at this diggin' for gold But for all that I found there I might as well be Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.
  11. Was surprised by the average rainfall at under 600. That’s very low. Dublin has 760mm, but July average max of 20, with May 15c. North Dublin oddly similar average rainfall to yours, very dry. Great market garden area, average max never falls below 8 in Dublin, but still colder than the west and south. You Geordies are a hardy bunch. Respect.
  12. Absolutely. Just that you mentioned Ash. I hope that is not Ash dieback. You can check out google, but by September 2018 it was at 49% spread in the UK. So it is possible that is what you are seeing.
  13. Looking at todays ECM for 18:00 hrs and if one saw this for a weeks time you'd be for forgiven for not being too happy., But the actual weather on the ground for most is very usable indeed and despite the odd shower, not very bad at all for May. Now at the end of the run I don't see anything but an improvement. The Azore High further north. The main low between Scotland and Iceland. Has it not been every thus? A very typical early Summer and what should be a very fine day June 3. (Subject to change as just one run, but previous ECM was the same with High pressure position), but my main point is this looks normal A quick edit to show midday temperature on June 2 and 10 meter Wind direction. One might expect 16 to 20 across most of Ireland, England/Wales with SE England 20 to 24 during afternoon. Most of Scotland 16 to 20.
  14. Only 3 of the last 12 months in Dublin Airport are above average for temperature. that was November, February and March. In fact the previous 3 years to 2021 have not exceeded the 1971 - 2000 or 1981 - 2010 yearly mean for temperature.
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