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  1. Happy New Year to all. Expect to see the High pressure to be modeled further south than it is showing now, once this happens low pressure over Iceland and Greenland will move east and end up in Northern Europe around next weekend, this is when the fun and games will start, full blown NE gales, -10 uppers, low dew points,=lake effect, drifting , thunder snow.
  2. I think you need to go back to school and take some more Geography lessons!!!!, our region is South East and East Anglia, try getting a map up to define the boundaries of East Anglia. Any way, let see how you get on with the next competition
  3. There was settling snow from Kings Lynn through to and including my location in Lowestoft, also reports of settling snow in the heavier showers further South. Look at the photo from Norfolk n Chance, a bit more than a slushy deposit.
  4. Feel a little bit of sour grapes there!!!! The competition was for settling snow in the region, and snow settled yesterday in a lot of locations. I will let you know how my virtual trip to Lapland goes.
  5. Hi Tom, thanks for all your hard work with the competition, not a bad result for me yesterday. I would like to accept the virtual trip to Lapland please. Just a quick question on the new competition,is there a cut of date for named storms, or is it for all of 2020?
  6. Hi Snowray /Tom, Glad to give you the good news, yes we had settling snow here at lowestoft didnt last for long and soon melted once the squall went through. The squall hit at around 5pm as i was driving from Lowestoft, started as hail, then turned to snow grains mixed with flakes and soon left a slight covering, by the time i got home the shower had turned to sleety rain, unable to take any photos as i was driving,
  7. Hi Tom, looking at the radar, it now also looks like the Lowestoft area is about to be hit, and the temp is dropping by the minute.
  8. Hi Yarmy, can you post some photos, i need some photographic evidence to win the competition today for snow falling on 10th Feb
  9. hi Tom, now getting reports in and also a photo from Norfolk n chance of snow, dose this mean i win today as it is in the region?
  10. Hi Snowray, looking at the radar, it seems to be turning more and more wintry, looks like i could be in with a good chance in our competition this evening , hope you have the chocolate ready lol.
  11. Hi Tom, please place this bet SOUTH THAMES WINNER - Lottiekent £5 win
  12. Hi Snowray, not a bad prediction by myself, this was predicted before the models even started showing this possibility. Lets hope i have it on the button and clean up in the betting for this region. Thanks for all your hard work, and all the best to everyone.
  13. Hi Tom, Can you place me £5.00 on the nose for my date 10th Feb, i would also like to add that i also think in will be in my location, do i got extra for correct date and location??
  14. Hi Snowray, what happens if none of us get the date correct, is the winner the nearest date ?
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