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  1. Hi Snowray, what happens if none of us get the date correct, is the winner the nearest date ?
  2. Hi Snowray, i will go for snow falling and settling in the SE region on 10th Feb, high pressure building into Greenland giving a potent Northerly, followed be winds moving round to the East.
  3. Has anyone in the East of the area seen strange lights in the sky this evening. It started just after 6PM , was outside having a fag looking up at the stars, the sky was so crisp and clear,noticed a satellite moving from West to East , then another one shortly after, then another one. Me and the wife witnessed a total on 16 one after the other "strange or what". Went back out for a fag just after 7PM and things got even stranger, witnessed 5 large bright lights in a straight vertical formation to the North -West, these then faded out one by one over a 5 minute period. We are in Reydon , near Southwold, if anyone has seen any of these lights this evening, or can explain it would much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Looks like we could be seeing some sleet or wet snow as the heavy shower associated with the occluded clear through East Anglia late afternoon and evening.
  5. expect a major change in the models for the period between Xmas and new year, watch the High over the UK around 27th , this will amplify towards Greenland /Iceland and pull in frigid North Easterlies
  6. Im Going for -0.5 , got a feeling there will be a major change around New Year , and even colder as we go into Feb.
  7. Yes looks promising, the shortwave around Iceland is missing allowing the high to amplify more than other models, look a the deep cold trying to move in from the NE, what a turn around this would be if it amplifies more and pulls in a frigid North Easter, we have seen models flip at the last minute before , why not this time
  8. We Have just had a violent squall shower of hail / sleet at Lowestoft, dont know how strong the wind was gusting, but we had items blowing everywhere, wont be surprised if a few trees were blown down, Anyone got reports of damage or wind gust speeds ?
  9. Good Morning, on my way to work it was daylight, as i approached Lowestoft it was pitch black as if it was nigh time again, then the heavens opened up , started as very sleety rain, then more and more wet flakes mixed in, the back end of the heavy shower was nice fluffy big flakes of snow, now back to rain. just shows how evaporative cooling works bringing the temp down, temp started at 3 and was down to 1 in he heaviest burst. if you look at the radar you can clearly see the cell develope with the peek above Lowestoft.
  10. The heavy snow in Lowestoft earlier has now turned to drizzle with the odd flake mixed in, lets see what the rest of the day brings
  11. we now have large fluffy snow falling on the coast at Lowestoft, settling on the frozen surfaces, as i type now getting heavier, looks like more to come in from the north sea
  12. it has arrived in Lowestoft we now have very fine snow flurries, wasn;t expecting it so early
  13. My wife woke me up to say, that there was thunder snow, it was heavy hail, about 4 strikes and deep rumbles., nice to see
  14. Good morning all, VERY HEAVY SNOW here in Oulton, Lowestoft, everything now covered after freezing last night, looking at the radar looks like a nice blob over the Lowestoft area, looks like at least another Hr of snow.
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