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  1. Seeing flashes very few seconds in Waterlooville. Looks like the IoW is getting hammered.
  2. Frequent lightning again to the NW and SE of me. Also looks like the intense activity over the Isle of Wight has left someone needing to find shelter. https://www.islandecho.co.uk/house-blaze-in-the-village-of-bembridge/
  3. Seeing frequent and more intense lightning and deep thunder coming from the south. Looks like where we missed out on the activity of the last one moving to the west, we could see some action here.
  4. We've had a light dusting over the last 45 minutes. Very fine and blowing readily in the wind. Hoping that later comes off so I can have a very smug face for all of the non-believers in work. Only problem now is that no-one has attempted to drive down the road, and that fine layer will freeze before the main event arrives. The drive this morning will be interesting.
  5. Getting very frequent lightning here in Southampton. Got much closer over the last 10 minutes.
  6. Some activity into the south of me in Southampton. Had some flashes and low rumbles of thunder over the past 10 minutes.
  7. Very frequent lightning for the past 50 minutes in Southampton. No thunder yet. Blitzortung app shows strikes edging slowly towards us.
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