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  1. never mind the rain and the wind, we could be on track to record the coldest September day since at least 1986. Temp at the moment in mid-Essex is around 8-9c and even when the rain clears, if the wind picks up the temperature might not change much from current levels.
  2. not a drop yesterday here in Ingatestone, Essex. last light shower was 17th June.
  3. I'm going for a fairly mild 5.4. We're surrounded by above average SST's so I can't see where a cold month will come from.
  4. I have had a lifelong interest in weather, although I am still learning. my weather memories go back to the mid-70's.

    I'm a fan of extremes within the seasons. I love snow but wouldn't say I was a cold lover as such. I'm a summer heatwave fan, although haven't seen one in recent years.

    Location is mid-Essex.

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