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    Dengie, Essex @ home and Orpington. Kent @ Work
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    The outdoors, walking anywhere, particularly in the Peak District, also camping, cycling and running.

    Autumn/Winter, snow, frost and clouds.

    Photography, landscapes, weather and sunsets.

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  1. Last week at work!

  2. Wonders if Australia has a Netweather type website, i might get withdrawl symptons :0(

  3. I am looking forward to changing my location to "Melbourne Australia"

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      That's great... lucky you :-)

    2. ickledoozer


      Thank you, I was in MK at the weekend!

  4. We are almost nearing the launch of the Winter Helpline "Rampers Anonymous" stay tuned for further updates on how to prevent the desire to lamp post watch and how to control your anger at the model outputs!!!

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      But,but,but I like lampost watching...please don't try to cure me !!(lol)

    2. ickledoozer


      Deep breaths Snowangle, you can get through this!! I thought I was on for a relapse the other day but now with the model outputs as they are, I am not so certain! :0(

  5. Is it still August or did I go to sleep for a really really really long time, say 2 months???

    1. saint


      I think you feel asleep, didn't you know it's late October? ;)

    2. ickledoozer


      well I do now, I have missed birthdays and everything!! he he!

  6. Groovy Thunderstorm!!

  7. Pleased to hear your settled now, all okay here in MK - We have the International Festival this week so some good stuff going on in Campbell Park and the Hub.

  8. Come on Thunder!!!

    1. dogs32


      thunder is on holiday

    2. ickledoozer


      Seems that way!! Although Coventry way have had thunder and heavy rain!

  9. Is an Essex girl once more!!!

  10. Blimey, I haven't been on here for a while!

  11. Hi there, isn't it nice to see the sunshine ? Much as I love snow I have to say I will be quite happy if it stay's like this now ! Ali :-)

  12. Hi Ickledoozer, cant seem to add u as friend.

    nice hamster

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