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  1. I feel your pain Steve. I'm in Glastonbury and can't remember the last time i saw a flake Its looking like another green winter.
  2. Why is it whenever i look at the charts this time of year there's a bloody high pressure system just to the east of us pumping arctic air -10 uppers into europe and we miss it :/ Then i wonder why i visited the model thread in the first place. Too many times has it got down to the wire and one of Nicks shortwaves scuppers it.
  3. Bofh

    Glastonbury Snow

    February 2012 Snow
  4. Bofh

    Germany July 08

    Day before the thunderstorm
  5. Just a thought :)

  6. Thanks for the advice. This is the first time i've driven this route. I planned to stop off at Niagra Falls and then on to Toronto. From Toronto to Montreaux and then back to New York.Sorry this is off topic but i want to hire a car that has a decent boot so i can get a couple of big suitcases in but on the hire company websites they are only really tell you the name or model. Any suggestions ? Thx Bofh
  7. http://news.sky.com/skynews/picture_galler...77065-1,00.html New York suffering flooding from heavy rain. Hopefully it will clear soon as i'm driving from New York to Toronto i a couple of weeks.
  8. Bofh

    Jan Snow

    January 2007 Snow
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