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  1. ah here it is ,sleeting now ,and we are back to normal sideways precipitation,more or less bang on for us up here near inverness
  2. dingwall near inverness at about 500 feet ,it's been not to bad here ,no wind very quiet ,ferries not going to isle of Lewis today ,few rain showers and started the day with a fluffy snow shower ,all coming straight down ,not sideways as usual, looks like we are near the centre ,i'm sure it'll pick up ,it's just doing odd things up here
  3. slightly different take on the choosing to stay ,there was a chap who posted about riding his horse along a road ,and everyone was saying he and his horse should evacuate ,he said he wished he could ,but he couldn't abandon his horse and to evacuate it would cost 2 dollars a mile and then stabling ,possibly getting stuck on the freeway ,with a horse in a trailer ,in winds and flooding ,so he was staying ,he was not on on of the islands though ,so i suppose some people just cannot afford it ,
  4. watching this at the moment ,somebody shared the link earlier , seems quite windy
  5. just saw something interesting they are turning all the lanes in one area, one way ,so if the freeway will have all lanes away from the evacuation zone ,
  6. same here just took the car out ,almost nothing this morning had to get the chains out to get home ,at least 3 inches of fresh snow
  7. been snowing here all afternoon ,looks from the radar as if it might keep going for a few more hours
  8. snow started here but we are at elevated height ,near dingwall ,have no idea of temps to be honest
  9. interesting trip for some on the ferry from isle of lewis to ullapool ,they spent 7 hours on it as it couldn't dock ,should have been 2 and a half
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