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  1. 6.0c here to the 13th, 0.9c below the 1981-2010 average.
  2. Yes quite likely, they had a covering yesterday morning for a time too. What's your location?
  3. Gorgeous Spring morning in the Howardian Hills. Current Temp: 9.4c Overnight Low: 5.8c Wind: 3mph S High Wind Gust: 16mph
  4. 5.8c to the 23rd, 2.1c above the 1981-2010 average. 30.8mm of rainfall so far.
  5. Cracking start after early fog and mist has finally cleared. Current Temp: 5.8c Overnight Low: 2.8c Wind: 2mph ENE High Wind Gust: 7mph
  6. Beautiful sunshine, gentle southerly. Current Temp: 8.1c Overnight Low: 4.8c Wind: 5mph S High Wind Gust: 20mph
  7. Early rain and winds now easing, some sunshine, mild. Current Temp: 10.3c Max Temp: 11.1c Overnight low: 3.1c Wind: 8mph S High Wind Gust: 36mph Rainfall: 1.8mm
  8. January Stats for Firby, North Yorkshire: A dry month, frequent frosts with temps generally around average. Temperature: Mean Temp: 3.2c (-0.3c) Mean Maximum: 5.9c (-0.1c) Mean Minimum: 0.5c (-0.5c) Maximum Temp: 11.5c (7th) Minimum Temp: -6.8c (30th) Lowest Maximum: 0.3c (31st) Highest Minimum: 7.5c (12th) Air Frosts: 14 (120%) Rainfall: Total Rainfall: 27.0mm (58%) Wettest Day: 8.2mm (18th) High Rain Rate: 51mm p/h Rain Days: 16 Dry Days: 15 Pressure: Highest: 1044.47 hPa (2nd) Lowest: 981.82 hPa (26th) Wind: Highest Gust: 40.0mph Average Speed: 5.5mph Wind Run: 4364.0 miles.
  9. Dalby was quite something today, blue skies and around 6 inches of snow with temps still below freezing. There were some lads walking across the Lake today, very brave indeed but I imagine it was minus double digits at the Staindale Lake overnight. Coldest station in the Moors last night was Chop Gate at -12.2c.
  10. Recorded -13.0c on one of my stations in a notorious frost hollow called Duggleby in the Yorkshire Wolds last night. Thats the lowest temperature I've ever recorded on any of my weather stations.
  11. Cold crisp and sunny. Current Temp: -2.8c Overnight Low: -6.7c Wind: 4mph S Max Wind Gust: 12mph
  12. A beautiful morning here in Firby, currently -3c after a low of -7c. One of my weather stations in the nearby Yorkshire Wolds fell to -13c overnight with many other down to into minus double digits. Nearby Farndale and my station at Rosedale Abbey both fell to -10c overnight.
  13. Could be lower than -7c tonight mate, Hutton le Hole is a very good frost hollow, alot like Rievaulx Abbey. We were tempted to go to Lion Inn, Blakey for tea tonight but decided to get an early night and get into Dalby Forest first thing where it will be snow Narnia in the forest. You always seem to time it right for snow in this part of the world. Although make the most of it as the thaw is coming
  14. Well after getting lucky yesterday morning, not one shower has hit here this morning with areas a few miles to east seeing some beefy showers. Temp: 0.7c Dew: -1.0c
  15. 3.2c here for January, 0.3c below the 1981-2010 average. Rainfall came in at 27.0mm
  16. Yes we did get lucky here, another warning for our area tonight. 2-4cm above 100m so may get a few cms if lucky despite being lower than 100m. https://twitter.com/northyorkswx/status/1091307958011609088?s=20
  17. On and off snow showers all morning. Current Temp: 1.3c Overnight Low: -4.7c Wind:7mph N Max Wind Speed: 20mph Lying snow: 3cm
  18. Supposed to be going to York this morning to get my phone fixed. Bugger that Im staying at home by the fire watching the snow showers pile in. Car now has 4cm on it and still snowing.
  19. Just had a beefy shower here, about an inch on shed roof now with another incoming beefy shower.
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