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  1. why does the GFS take so long to roll out on NetW at the moment?

    1. vizzy2004


      thanks for the reply, much prefer viewing it on your page than Meteociel and Wetter..

    2. Paul


      Because we're using the 0.25 degree data which is bottlenecking a bit on the NCEP servers. Some sites are using the lo-res data which downloads a bit faster. NCEP are working towards improving things and speeding it all up.

    3. Paul


      Thanks. It it hopefully shouldn't be too long before NCEP upgrade things a bit - we're also looking at a few ways of speeding things up a touch in the meantime. Comparing to the 0.25 degree (hi-res) data on the likes of Meteociel, it's coming through at roughly the same time.

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