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  1. A chilly day with low cloud persisting and a light SE breeze. Current temp: 5.1c Max Temp: 9.6c Min Temp: 3.8c No rain however there was some drizzle at times from the low cloud. Wind currently 5mph from SSE Pressure 1022.7hPa
  2. 7.7c to the 26th here, 1.9c above the 1981-2010 average. Looking like final figure will be about 2c above average.
  3. Winter by night and Spring by day currently with overnight air frosts and mid teens by day. Only managed 14c today rather than yesterday's 17c due to a bit more of a breeze off the North Sea. Here's a night and day scene at the moment round here shown by these 2 pics I took this weekend.
  4. 7.8c here to the 23rd, 2c above 1981-2010 average. We could well see a large diurnal range tomorrow too with a forecast low of -1c and a high of 13/14c.
  5. Coldest this year was -4c which has been the minimum for the past 4 winters. During 2009-2013 we breached -10c in each winter with the coldest being Jan 13 with -13c.
  6. After some early morning rain we now have clear blue skies. Currently 9.8c with a moderate ENE breeze gusting to 27mph. The overnight min was 3.0c and we 0.4mm of rainfall early this morning. Windchill making it feel more like 5c despite the sunshine.
  7. 8.2c for me please.
  8. 8.0c here to the 21st, 2.2c above the 1981-2010 average. Gonna take a stab at a month finish of 7.7c.
  9. 8.2c to the 19th here, 2.4c above the 1981-2010 average. Cool down on the way but by how much?
  10. Wheres the house Will?
  11. Thundersnow reported in the Yorkshire Dales near Hawes in the last hour. Tomorrow looks good too!
  12. A few snow accumulation forecasts for next few days. Still looking good for elevated areas in Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Northumbria and most especially the Northern Pennines with a few forecasts showing 10cm +. All eyes down for the 6z.
  13. Looking quite snowy for some places in the coming week, Yorkshire Dales and Northern Pennines looks to be the hot spot based on current model output.
  14. 7.8c to the 17th here, 2c above the 1981-2010 average. A rise to 8c looking likely come Monday.
  15. 7.7c to the 16th here, 1.9c above the 1981-2010 average. More rises likely this week before a possibly sharp drop next week as we introduce cooler air.