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  1. Dry morning with plenty of cloud and a gusty SSE'rly. Current Temp: 19.1c Overnight Low: 9.1c Wind 15mph SSE gusting 25mph.
  2. 16.6c here, 0.8c above the 1981-2010 average. Looking at 5 day forecast, not much change likely.
  3. Cloudy here with rain on the way. Temp dropping currently rather than rising. Current Temp: 15.7c Overnight Low: 15.7c Rainfall: 0.2mm Wind: 5mph W
  4. Slack low right on top of us for the weekend, something that we haven't seen much of so far this summer. Risk for slow moving thundery showers across parts of the UK. Saturday. Sunday.
  5. Looking at met office rainfall forecast at 3pm we should see lots of cells across midlands moving northwards into Yorkshire, radar shows absolutely nowt. Still plenty of time but my gut feeling says bust.
  6. After a cloudy morning the sun is out and the temp has rose by 5-6c. Current Temp: 24.7c Overnight Min: 14.4c Wind: 10mph SE
  7. 16.6c here to the 18th, 0.8c above the 1981-2010 average.
  8. Amazing contrast then, I'm 35 miles east of Leeds and we have sunshine and 25c :O
  9. Foggy start to the day but it soon dispersed, now glorious sunshine. Current Temp: 22.3c Overnight Min: 9.7c Wind: 10mph SE
  10. 16.4c here to the 16th, 0.6c above the 1981-2010 average. Few rises possible before it looks to turn fresher from Thursday.
  11. Sunny and warm. Current Temp: 21.4c Overnight Min: 9.7c Wind: 6mph NNW
  12. Mostly cloudy this morning with a cool NW wind. Current Temp: 17.0c Overnight Min: 12.1c Rainfall: 3.2mm Wind: 8mph NW
  13. Warm day with variable cloud and some more prolonged sunshine this afternoon. Current Temp: 16.2c Max Temp: 23.2c Min Temp: 10.9c Wind: 2mph SW
  14. Mostly cloudy here currently with some brightness. Current Temp: 20.0c Overnight Min: 10.9c Wind: 6mph S