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  1. 12.8c here to the 27th, 2.3c above the 19810-2010 average. Amazing to think earlier in the month we were 1c below average, quite a turn around! Temps easing off a bit over the next few days but looks to remain average untill the end of the month.
  2. Same here, hardly fresher with a low of 14.1c. Sunny spells here and temps a few degrees a down on the last few days. Current Temp: 19.1c Wind: 6mph WSW
  3. It looks like we may be too far North today after yesterdays near miss, but I will be keeping an eye on the radar tonight. Fingers crossed Tom!
  4. Yes frustrating here too just south of Malton, storm to west and east but nothing overhead. Plenty of distant flashes and thunder heard though, better than nothing.
  5. Just been watching the storm on your webcam, although my internet is slow so it wasn't completely smooth but saw some nice flashes.
  6. Will probably stay away from 1079 and keep North in the Wolds where the roads are quiet.
  7. The UK's tornado alley is the best bet tomorrow, which from experience is the the A1079 between York and Hull, the amount of times I've found myself chasing around the Beverley area. Il be chasing from around from 2-3ish running with dashcam if theres anything about.
  8. Quite excited with regards to Saturdays prospect, BBC now have a lightning symbol for our location in the afternoon which doesn't happen often, plenty of CAPE and looks to be no problems getting a trigger as the low encroaches in from the West. I finish work at 3, hopefully get out earlier and will be chasing across the region throughout the afternoon/evening. Good luck all!
  9. After a very foggy start the sun soon came out and we now have partly sunny weather conditions. Current Temp: 24.5c Overnight Min: 9.8c Wind: 1mph SSE
  10. 11.9c to the 24th, 1.4c above the 1981-2010 average. The 5 day forecast continues the above average temps.
  11. Dry sunny start here too. Current Temp: 14.8c Overnight Min: 12.1c Wind: 2mph W
  12. 11.5c here to the 22nd, 1.0c above the 1981-2010 average. Likely to be 12c by the weekend.
  13. Dry sunny start. Current Temp: 14.0c Overnight Min: 9.7c Wind: 4mph W
  14. Hazy sunshine here currently, sun trying to shine through quite thick high cloud. Feeling pleasant in a light southerly. Current Temp: 18.5c Overnight Min: 9.9c Wind: 9mph SSE
  15. Some late sunshine after what has been a mainly cloudy but mild day. Current Temp: 14.7c Max Temp: 18.2c Wind: 6mph