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  1. 14.7c here to the 17th, 0.6c above the 1981-2010 average.
  2. A windy but mostly sunny day with a spell of heavy rain for a time this afternoon. Current Temp: 15.7c Max Temp: 20.1c Overnight Low: 13.3c Rainfall: 1mm Wind: 7mph WSW High Wind Gust: 39mph
  3. Surprised theres no warning for home or in Sheffield today. Currently at work in Sheffield and truck is really getting blown about and saw a lady nearly get struck by a tree branch in the city centre earlier. Funnily enough wasn't there a warning for yesterday for Storm Helene yet it wasn't much more than a typical autumnal windy day.
  4. A cool clear start to the day with some shallow mist patches, cloud and wind soon increased leading to a very warm dry afternoon with some periods of sunshine. Current Temp: 21.2c Max Temp: 24.3c Overnight Low: 9.2c Rainfall: 0.2mm Wind: 11mph S High Wind Gust: 27mph
  5. Not much change here 14.3c to the 16th, 0.1c above the 1981-2010 average. 14.2mm of rainfall Some rises look likely over the next few days.
  6. Some light rain this morning but a mostly dry cloudy day. Current Temp: 17.6c Today's Max: 19.1c Overnight Low: 12.3c Rainfall: 0.2mm Wind: 2mph S Max Gust: 29mph
  7. Some lovely charts later in the 12z run for those ready for some cold Autumnal weather, quite a cold pool for September incoming from the east. -4c upper 850s not far off the east coast
  8. 14.3c here to the 14th, bang on the 1981-2010 average. Looking like going up quite a bit this coming week.
  9. Mostly cloudy with some brightness. Current Temp: 16.4c Max Temp: 16.7c Overnight Low: 9.0c Wind: 5mph SSE Wind Gust: 12mph
  10. A fine sunny start with partly sunny conditions prevailing for the rest of the day. Current Temp: 16.2c Today's Max: 17.7c Overnight Low: 7.2c Wind: 5mph W Wind Gust: 21mph
  11. Coldest down South for once last night, Tackley in Oxfordshire taking the title at -2.0c.
  12. 14.5c here to the 12th, bang on the 1981-2010 average.
  13. Similar day to yesterday, starting wet and gradually improving, now a sunny pleasant evening. Current Temp: 15.1c Today's Max: 18.3c Overnight Low: 9.2c Wind: 5mph WNW Wind Gust: 18mph Rainfall: 2.4mm
  14. 14.7c here still to the 10th, 0.2c above the 1981-2010 average.
  15. A wet morning eventually becoming dry, partly sunny skies and pleasant since around 2pm. Current Temp: 16.3c Max Temp: 18.3c Overnight Low: 11.6c Wind: 4mph W Wind Gust: 23mph Rainfall: 1.6mm