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  1. Welcome back up north TWS! Didnt you used to reside at Sandhutton near Thirsk?
  2. Woke up to a dusting of snow here this morning as snow showers moved in off the North Sea. Yesterday was absolutely crackers with snow settling on the beach at Robin Hoods Bay and 2 of my weather stations falling to -8.2c overnight. Keld fell to -7c this morning and thick snow lay across parts of North Yorkshire from stationary showers in the west last yesterday evening and snow showers this morning in the east. I missed out on any of the fun yesterday but had to have a ride out this morning to the nearby North York Moors. A few of my highest weather stations ha
  3. Just scraped an ice day here with a high of -0.1c. Here's a picture of my back garden this morning which remains unchanged this evening, still around 3-4cm left of lying snow. We've had a steady wind chill today of between -8 to -10c but the highest weather station in North Yorkshire on Meugher (575m) in Nidderdale recorded a windchill of -19c at 8am this morning, Ventured out onto the nearby Yorkshire Wolds to see some of the drifting and it was incredible, not as big drifts as BFTE 2018 but still impressive nonetheless. A lot of people we getting caught out
  4. My weather station in Lealholm still at -10c now but hit -11.4c earlier.
  5. Down to -14c at Thixendale this morning. Car thermometer on way to work earlier...
  6. A low of -6.9c here this morning which is the coldest temperature I've recorded in 8 years. Currently still around 4cm of lying snow outside after a slight thaw in the sun today My weather station at Thixendale on the Yorkshire Wolds fell to -13.2c overnight which was the coldest place in England. Last night was a perfect set up for cold there with around 10cm of snow, light winds and clear skies. Here's a few pics from that area:
  7. Showers packing in nicely again here now after a day of the majority missing me. Around 5cm in the back garden where there has been no thaw. Current Temp: -0.9c
  8. Oh she’s coming down nicely this morning! Starting to resemble outside what I would expect here from an easterly. IMG_5345.MP4
  9. Fresh covering of snow this morning after we managed to catch some showers overnight. More showers coming my way now so il wait before I go measure. Here’s the 24 accumulation chart since 4am yesterday morning. Perhaps an amber warning would of been more suited for places further North? Looks like eastern parts of North York Moors have seen 10-15cm in this period.
  10. Convection looks to be turning a bit shallower out in the North Sea now. Constant light showers packing together rather than the beefier ones we’ve seen so far this morning. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing?
  11. Cracking morning. Heavy snow showers blowing through, good covering now. IMG_5290.MP4
  12. Whilst its clear to see where the convergence line is on the radar there is plenty of convection all the way down the east coast. Further north towards Scarborough, Whitby, Brid etc the showers are more spaced out but look much heavier, the type that would keep their intensity as they head inland. Meanwhile its chucking it down with snow here. South View1-045637-045651.mp4
  13. Moderate snow showers blowing through on a gusty NE wind. Patchy covering as wind is blowing it about. Temp: -0.4c
  14. Not sure what's going on here temperature was forecast to be at 0c by 6pm and its going up currently. Temp: 1.3c Dewpoint: -3.5c Wind is very strong with a 20mph mean ENE gusting to 38mph.
  15. Not going to lie, with -10c 850s I was expecting accumulations from the current showers we are getting here. Currently 1c with a dew of -1c and nothing is sticking. Looks like I will have to wait till after dark, lets hope there's some showers left by then!
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