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  1. Yes UKMO has the southerners worrying but would be a big snow event here, lets hope it doesn't trend too far North in the coming runs. Personally I would rather the low stays South to continue the North Sea snow machine, as per EC, but being 25 miles from the East coast that is IMBYism
  2. Do you mean North York Moors? If so, then I agree. @4wd is in prime position, he had a steady 44 inches in December 2010
  3. Simply WOW at GFS and UKMO, strong easterly with uppers of -15c. That's a difference of 22c between sea and upper air temperature..... huge showers moving in off the North Sea pushing well inland. IF this happens as shown, this could be a memorable event, maybe even cold enough for our own snow starved @reefin Hedon
  4. Indeed, severe snow will make my job very difficult and probably impossible. Recently started driving HGVS, delivering around the Manchester, Glossop and Stocksbridge and have to drive over Woodhead pass every morning. Didn't expect todays model upgrades, however we should remain grounded as there are still time for downgrades.
  5. A dry chilly day, with plenty of sunshine after a morning frost with some mist patches. Current Temp: 2.9c Overnight Low: -0.8c Wind: 4mph SSE
  6. 2.8c here to the 21st, 1.0c below the 1981-2010 average.
  7. WOW look at that area of -22c uppers just off the coast of Norway heading for my back garden (I hope).
  8. A quick look into what ECM is showing for Monday-Weds next week. Monday: Very cold with an easterly wind, light snow showers affecting eastern areas. Tuesday: Even colder and a stronger easterly leading to an increase in snow showers in eastern areas, these pushing further inland. Also notice the shortwave that could bring an increased period of snow, potentially for the most southern parts of the region based on that pressure chart. Wednesday: Still very cold with uppers approaching -14c, snow showers still affecting eastern areas, these perhaps coming lighter as pressure builds somewhat from the North.
  9. Lovely snow event for those snow starved in the SE at 240hrs, as we see a reload of cold heading into Scandi thanks to the retrogressing high.
  10. Mild start to Tuesday, a keen Northerly making it feel cooler though. Current Temp: 5.7c Overnight Low: 5.6c Rainfall: 0.8mm Wind: 10mph N
  11. 2.6c here to the 19th, 1.2c below the 1981-2010 average. Looks nailed for a below average month here.