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    I love cool/cold winters, cool/cold springs, cool/cold summers and cool/cold autumns. I love cool/cold Atlantic weather types. I love "cool/cold sunshine and cool/cold gentle showers" weather types. I love cool/cold/frosty sunny weather types. I love snowy/sleety/blizzards weather types. I love cool/cold and stormy/thundery weather types. I love cool/cold and cloudy and cool/cold foggy weather types. I love cool/cold and light rain/drizzle weather types. I love Maritime Polar and Continental Polar and Arctic airmasses.

    I hate mild/warm winters, mild/hot springs, mild/hot summers and mild/hot autumns. I hate mild/warm and humid Atlantic weather types. I hate mild/hot and sunny weather types. I hate mild/hot and stormy/thundery weather types. I hate mild/hot and humid continental weather types. I hate mild/warm and cloudy and mild/warm and foggy weather types. I hate moderate and torrential intensity rain weather types regardless of temperature. I hate gale force and worse force winds without snow. I hate mild/warm and light rain/drizzle weather types. I hate Maritime Tropical and Continental Tropical airmasses.
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  1. Another little cockroach of a troll has naffed me off on youtube, again.:oldsad:😠

    1. lassie23


      it's full of them

  2. Rest in pieces 2019! Also rest in pieces 2000s! Also rest in pieces 2010s! 12C Last sub 0C, last sub 1C, last sub 2C, last sub 3C and last sub 4C December all in 2010. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  3. Even with a "slow" warming of our northerlies, it won't take much more warming to wipe out proper cold months, cold seasons and cold years. These are already as rare as hens teeth as it is. Our last proper cold January was back in 2010, our last proper cold February was back in 1996, our last proper cold March was back in 2013, our last proper cold April was back in 1989, our last proper cold May was back in 2013, our last proper cold June was back in 1991, our last proper cold July was back in 2011, our last proper cold August was back in 2014, our last proper cold September was back in 2015, our last proper cold October was back in 1993, our last proper cold November was back in 2016 and our last proper cold December was back in 2010. Our last proper cold spring was back in 2013, our last proper cold summer was back in 2011, our last proper cold autumn was back in 1993 and our last proper cold winter was back in 2012/2013 and our last proper cold year was back in 2010.
  4. Rest in pieces miserable "autumn" 2019! 13C Last sub 3C November in 1915. Last sub 4C November in 1925. Last sub 5C November in 1993. Last sub 6C November in 2016. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  5. Since the October 2019 CET thread hasn't been started yet, I'll start it this time. I'll leave RJS to post all the usual averages and statistics though. 15.5C. Last sub 6C October in 1740. Last sub 7C October in 1896. Last sub 8C October in 1992. Last sub 9C October in 1993. 200mm from monsoons and Atlantic garbage
  6. Despite being wet, windy and unsettled, August 2019 still finished well above average with a CET above 17C.  Summer 2019 was the first summer since 2003 to have more than 1 month above 17C.

    1. karyo


      Not a surprise. Ideal synoptics are now needed to get a below average month. Anything else leads to above average. 

    2. cheeky_monkey


      we get below average months on regular basis here these days...August was well below making it 7 months in a row of well below average temps

  7. The Greenland Icesheet isn't just melting, its falling to pieces.:oldsad:

  8. 19C Last sub 11C September in 1952. Last sub 12C September in 1986. Last sub 13C September in 2015. Winter 2019/2020 is over before its even started. 200mm from monsoons and Atlantic garbage.
  9. Rest in pieces summer 2019! 21.5C Last sub 13C August in 1912. Last sub 14C August in 1986. Last sub 15C and last sub 15.5C August in 2014. 200mm from monsoons and Atlantic garbage!
  10. I'm disappointed that posts can only be liked yet again.

  11. The misery of the 3rd millennium continues... 22C Last sub 14C July in 1922. Last sub 15C July in 1988. Last sub 15.5C July in 2011. 200mm from monsoons and Atlantic garbage!
  12. My worst summers:- -2018 -2013 -2003 -2006 -2014 My best summers:- -1985 -1986 -1993 -2011 -1987
  13. My worst months of 2010s are:- January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2018 July 2018 August 2018 September 2018 October 2018 November 2018 December 2018 My best months in 2010s are:- January 2010 February 2010 March 2013 April 2012 May 2013 June 2012 July 2011 August 2014 September 2015 October 2012 November 2010 December 2010
  14. If I remember correctly Augusts 1997 and 2004 both had a lot of hot, humid and thundery plumes which led to very warm CETs in both cases despite the near record amounts of average monthly rainfall. August 2004s warmth and rainfall was also bolstered by an unusual amount of sub-tropical cyclones such as the one that brought the infamous Boscastle flood. July 2010 was also a very warm but very wet Atlantic dominated month, ironically the only month with that combination of conditions in between November 2009 and February 2011.
  15. 20.5C Last sub 12C June in 1972. Last sub 13C and last sub 13.5C June in 1991. 200 mm from Atlantic garbage and monsoons.
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