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  1. Beautiful crisp morning here in South Woodham, a proper frost and it’s still hovering around -4. A colder night than I was led to expect.
  2. Yes, if you want to be able to post bigger videos on here it's probably the easiest way.
  3. This is a youtube link, then it can be any size!
  4. I found this in my parents' things, a snow fight I had with my sister and neighbour. We did not have the wrong kind of snow for me in February 1991 in South Woodham. I'm the green one.
  5. Some precipitation fell here for about one minute this afternoon and right now there is a breeze. Finally some weather happened. Slightly.
  6. Ha it's like me trying to date, and I have given up! This unusual warmth tonight is a bit weird.
  7. I was thinking the same, especially in the last hour or so.
  8. Pink on the radar over me right now... first lamp post look of the season. It appears to be a bit sleety.
  9. There have been very brief fleeting moments of wintery, but only a snow ramper like myself would describe it like that I expect!
  10. Same here in South Woodham.
  11. Yes, I am enjoying this proper November weather, it goes well with the lovely colour remaining on the trees. It is odd seeing such a clear radar, when it's been so wet all day. I call it wet air.
  12. What a difference a week makes. I had two weddings last weekend, my pictures were full of sunshine and guests in strappy dresses drinking outside. Yesterday's wedding was just so cold (during dinner I checked and it was 2 degrees), I didn't even see the smokers go outside! A shock to the system as they said it would be. Today however I am enjoying the rain so I can have cosy Sunday at home, editing all the pictures.
  13. Mostly, most are! The last two I have melted and have had to have an outfit change half way through. It's already hard work carrying about 10kg of gear all day without heat on top of that!
  14. I have no idea how I'm going to get through work this week! I have a wedding and a music festival to shoot, no escape from the heat for me. I'm just really hoping my tent lives up to the job, it's especially designed to keep cool, black on the inside and white on the outside.
  15. I'm photographing one tomorrow, I've had to book a hotel nearby when it's only an hour or so away so I'm not a sweaty mess already by the time I arrive, plus an extra dress so I can change when they have dinner.