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  1. Mostly, most are! The last two I have melted and have had to have an outfit change half way through. It's already hard work carrying about 10kg of gear all day without heat on top of that!
  2. I have no idea how I'm going to get through work this week! I have a wedding and a music festival to shoot, no escape from the heat for me. I'm just really hoping my tent lives up to the job, it's especially designed to keep cool, black on the inside and white on the outside.
  3. I'm photographing one tomorrow, I've had to book a hotel nearby when it's only an hour or so away so I'm not a sweaty mess already by the time I arrive, plus an extra dress so I can change when they have dinner.
  4. By the River Crouch, near Chelmsford and Southend in Essex.
  5. Thought that was it for today, heard a rumble and saw some flashes and checked the radar, appears to be a storm heading my way in SWF. The rain has just started.
  6. Just found myself saying finally at the sky, my first rumble. This rain is delicious, amazing petrichor out there.
  7. I could do with some of that breeze, I'm melting... despite being in my room working with the blinds closed. Oh for some rain and a nice storm! The weather stations in my town say it's 27-28 at the moment and a neighbouring village says 29.9.
  8. A screenshot as the video I took is too big to post, it's been like this constantly for a good half hour or so outside. I'm in South Woodham, miles away from the storms still really. It's an eerie view, especially when the skies were clear and I could see the moon.
  9. "It's like thunder, lightning..."
  10. The radar is so clear.
  11. Well this is taking some adjusting too, just the other day I was looking for my wellies and scarf to go outside and watching the street lamp... now I'm looking a bit pink despite wearing factor 30 today.
  12. The weather station a couple of streets away says it's 20 degrees right now! It's so weird going outside without a coat and not feeling cold at all. I'd forgotten how that felt!
  13. I've got this sketch stuck in my head now. I take it I am now finally safe to put the scarf and gloves away?
  14. I will just keep a close eye for now, which I was doing anyway! Oh I've always wanted to shoot an actual white wedding, almost had one just before Christmas when we did have a shower when the bride was getting ready but that's as close I've been. The main thing is the light when there's lying snow is so very flattering, it's a natural diffuser! The worry is getting there (and the guests getting there), thankfully this wedding is all in one venue so no stress of travel between places at least!
  15. What kind of level of confidence (I know it's way off) would you put in this? I ask because I am photographing a wedding that day in Chelmsford, is it worth giving the couple a heads up?