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  1. I'm really enjoying this rain. I wish I had one of those gazebos with a proper roof so I can get on with my work outside! And I realised of course it's a wet weekend, Download festival is back. Things are getting back to normal when festival goers are knee deep in mud.
  2. The numbers are deceptive, apparently it's 21 here in South Woodham but it feels so much warmer, even though it was nearly 29 yesterday. I've been sitting in the garden working the past few days.
  3. Yes, I've never had my heating on in the day at this time of the year before. It's so chilly today.
  4. Ooh just heard a rumble of thunder in South Woodham, not heard that in a while.
  5. Me too! I had a tiny shower here yesterday evening, what a wonderful smell! Perfect petrichor.
  6. Just had the most spring like hail shower ever. Sun out, gentle little hails just bouncing amongst the daisies in my lawn.
  7. I'm getting no work done today! Firstly I'm a bit excitable after getting vaccinated... freedom is coming! And secondly this sky, I am spending most of my time looking out the window at the fabulous display the clouds are putting on today.
  8. Such a beautiful weekend, it's kind of weird though when it smells and feels like a warmer month... but there's not a leaf to be seen on a branch. I do however now have a garden full of crocuses and lots of dry washing. It's also making me really miss people, life, pub gardens...
  9. From indoors the sky looks like early spring outside, with snow still on the floor! But it's the sound that is really deceiving, such a variety of birdsong that I've not heard in ages... but I set foot outside and it's freezing and I am reminded it is still winter.
  10. Essex Highways have posted on their website and tweeted that it might go as low as -10 here tonight. Is this just a poorly worded article and it's the road surface that might get that cold, not the actual weather temperature we talk of? Essex Highways | Essex County Council BETA.ESSEXHIGHWAYS.ORG
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