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  1. How odd, some lightning and thunder 5 minutes or so ago but nothing on the the lightning maps! But then for me blitzortung is down so perhaps that is part of it.
  2. I have two weddings this weekend to shoot, tomorrow is in Dorset and is all outside under gazebos. I do really really hope the winds are downgraded!
  3. I am too far east in SWF to get the storm action, I am jealous... but oh my, it's beautiful. Sat in my garden with a glowing orange and grey sky, a squally wind rushing through trees and rattling fences. Rain falling. So unusually warm. Weather is wonderful.
  4. I'm now far more uncomfortable and sweaty than I was when the temp was at its peak. Bring on the storms!
  5. A job for the winter when I have some time off work! Thank you!
  6. There are three PWS here, it has gone down slightly in the last 5 minutes, we have some cloud! The stations now say 36.9, 36.5, and 36.5. My garden thermometer is analogue so not that accurate! I keep meaning to get a weather station but can't make up my mind which to get!
  7. I had a little moan on twitter today at Wunderground about the way they round up PWS temps now... well all of sudden they are not doing it. My nearest weather station says 37.9 at the moment. The town is oddly silent.
  8. My letting agents are a bit miffed I've been letting the dandelions grow, but I've got ground bees in my garden and they need their wild flowers! They also seem to love the blauhügel I planted recently.
  9. I recently contacted my local council about this, I'd love to see our verges full of wildflowers. I passed this helpful site on to them https://www.plantlife.org.uk/uk
  10. It is 34 here, and I checked with the weather stations near me. I will not stray far from my fan today.
  11. I'm exactly on the edge, it's just passing me by in SWF. But I am getting a light show that I can see from my bed. Just no rain and no thunder.
  12. I was dithering with a couple of fans in my basket this morning, it's just a few days, I don't really need them I thought. Now I am very glad I did order them, I work from home and my office room is NW facing, it's all coming back to me now how uncomfortably warm this room can get (even with the blinds closed all day) and it's only 28 degrees at the moment!
  13. I am having bad luck with weather and my job this year! All the glorious weekends I have no weddings (I photograph them) all the cold, wet and windy ones I do. People outside makes my job easier, natural light makes everyone look lovely, it's trickier indoors in dark energy efficient bulb lit venues the whole day. I'd love it if Hannah could avoid Suffolk tomorrow.
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