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  1. Getting quite jealous looking at the action on the radar, every drop of rain has just passed SWF by!
  2. I knew the colder air was coming but wasn't expecting this much wind. It has bent a large branch on my tree in the past couple of hours!
  3. Oh this is lovely! Got to just over 25 degrees here in SWF before a bit of hail, and now on and off light showers and some lovely rumblings. Great petrichor!
  4. Isn't it just! I find you can always smell a season change at night... and it's one of those nights.
  5. Finally it snowed, then rained again, and now back to lovely fat flakes of snow here in SWF.
  6. My snow has been delivered all melted already. This is most annoying. My sister in Halstead reports of snow though.
  7. I'm probably exaggerating a little bit but I want to call this wet snow. It's definitely quieter than rain.
  8. Gusty sleet here in South Woodham. Finally something wintry even if just only crumbs.
  9. Not much sleep was had last night! As others have said it definitely sounds worse this weekend and I've not even had much rain at all here yet in South Woodham.
  10. Winds picking up a little here now... and your post (great song) inspires me to post this.
  11. Well I'm not letting my ex drive our son back to uni in Kent tomorrow (we are in Essex and he came home for the weekend). My son can watch his Monday morning lecture online anyway, they can go back in the afternoon.
  12. There have been daisies in my lawn for the last couple of weeks already!
  13. I photographed a wedding in Harlow yesterday, on the way there many roads were half flooded... on the way back home many were fully flooded! Took me twice as long as it should've to get home. That was not a fun drive home. If only Google maps knew about flooded roads!
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