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  1. Obviously a gorgeous day. Had a lovely walk along the river (with it's very high spring tide so was especially lovely), the smell of suncream and BBQs wafting around town. I've gone from wearing my winter coat to this so suddenly. It went up to 23 degrees here.
  2. Winds have died down for the first time in ages, it's a bit weird not hearing the weather. Quiet.
  3. Very odd when others have been named and this was not. Fences down and even some bricks moved by the wind in my garden!
  4. Haha, I need a laughing reaction to join the like and thanks buttons for this one! One of my least favourite driving conditions right now, proper squally shower followed by beautiful sun shine and super dazzling roads. Proper blustery.
  5. I have been basking in the sun in a pub garden, raising a few glasses of wine, it is Alan Partridge day after all. I was however also comparing the 16.4 degrees here against historical local weather station data and identifying the planes over head.
  6. I checked another radar thinking there was a glitch. It really isn't moving.
  7. Damn you radar with your pink lies. If it actually were snow, I'd have quite a covering by now. But it's not, it's that new fangled wet snow that's also known as rain. I'm just having to make do with Winterwatch.
  8. Oddly falling heavier than the radar suggests, starting to settle a bit now in SWF.
  9. The odd flake in the air here in South Woodham, if you go outside and look really hard.
  10. The sound of rain outside had gone quiet, I checked, and it now has turned to snow (albeit wet snow) in SWF.
  11. Also under a proper good hail shower right now in South Woodham. It feels a lot colder than the 6.4 °C that it is.
  12. It is now snowing in SWF, has been for a little while, but it is wet and the ground is warm.
  13. Lamppost watching has commenced, nothing to report yet in SWF. It's probably a little too warm anyway (3.5 at the moment).
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