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    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the proper winters of 2008-09, 09-10, 10-11 & 12-13 to restore the faith. A new trend perhaps?
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  1. A second November ice day (very unusual) yesterday after the cauldest night of the winter at -7.7°C (max of -1.7°C). Rinse and repeat last night: min of -6.5°C. Happy Meteorological Winter, Kilters! Next week to ten days looking a bit more mixed (mildish muck) and then look to the north-west I reckon...
  2. Ice day! A hard frost all day after an overnight low of -7.0C, the lowest minimum of the autumn/winter so far. Freezing drizzle this evening and still bang on freezing point just now. Reminding me of the lead in to winter 2012-13 at this stage.
  3. A covering of the white stuff here overnight. Started as sleet around half 8 last night and turned to wet snaw as it became heavier. Mostly all melted now but still chilly oot. Currently 2.3°C/3°C.
  4. 7th air frost of the month and currently -1.0°C. Still no clearer what it means for the forthcoming winter, but it's been great to have some settled and more seasonal weather in the run-up to Hallowe'en, rather than the mild muck and dross of some previous years. Happy Hallowe'en, Kilters.
  5. Sixth air frost of the month - that's more than double the long-term (thirty year) average for October. What does it foretell for the coming winter? Not a scooby doo. Currently -2.0°C and another cracking morning. Was very lucky indeed to have a wee trip from Dundee to Oban and back in a pal's light plane yesterday. Near perfect day for it. The country looked absolutely stunning. Some snaps attached (including Comrie and Crieff).
  6. 27.4mm of rain overnight. It's a bit damp. This August now 'nailded' on as one of the wettest I've recorded: rainfall 226% of the long-term average for the month (and there's more to come today). Roll on the frosts and snaw!
  7. Am biased but it's a bonnie spot here. Good microclimate, too - usually a little warmer/drier/sunnier than forecast in the summer and more upside in the winter for cauld and snaw generally, too. Plus, cracking dark skies for the other obsession of stargazing. Usually a smattering of bungalows on the go as well. Rightmove usually has all the current properties up for grabs. A late wee burst of summer yesterday and today. Max of 21.0°C and some decent sunshine this arvo. Looking better again tomorrow and Monday not bad, too. Last hurrah for the BBQ this weekend, methinks. Countryside beginning to tip into its early autumnal colours. Looking forward to this winter's snawchase once again.
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