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  1. That's one heck of a journey
  2. Booked on tour 2 cant wait
  3. Hoping to book by the end of this week for Tour 2
  4. The guys bagged the first tornado of the year. Sky looking angry at the moment. I keep getting booted out of the stream every now and then.
  5. Have a great time guys
  6. 90 mph at South Uist at 08:00
  7. I wouldnt mind being at the beach but its rather unsafe I feel
  8. 48 foot waves out in the Atlantic at the K5 bouy
  9. 77 mph at stornoway and 76 mph south uist range
  10. We do get lot stormy weather but some of these storms do send the island chain into lock down this is one of those times
  11. on the verge of lockdown in the Western isles.
  12. Will say it again worried about this one..
  13. I fear this could be worse then Gertrude
  14. 74 mph at Stornoway not quite as bad as South Uist yet
  15. Seems to be not as strong but over longer time frame