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  1. Wow, if that is a much better performance and you's still lost 3-1, then I do worry about Swansea because from what I seen, Man City deserved to win. Remember, you's are at home to them so your bound to have some chances and opportunities even against the top sides and spirit alone won't get you far. Put it this way, put that performance in against a Stoke, then you won't be positive at all. I also heard and cringe Johnathan Pearce comment about how Guardiola will find out in this country he will actually have full on compeitive games week in week out unlike at Barca/Bayern. So I guess last weeks thrashing against Bournmouth was counted as competitive then! Guardiola has came into this country and transformed Man City completely and the results are honestly no different so far than they were for Barca/Bayern, no doubt he will have a few hic cups along the way but he did at those 2 clubs also.
  2. Arsenal crisis is over, winning 3-0, typical dominating Arsenal performance. Really do hope Wenger leaves at the end of the season and the club and the way they play decline, those fans don't deserve success with the way they acttowards their manager. Then it can be a case of you don't know what you lost until you lose it.
  3. Well I see Man City won 4-1 at Stoke really comfortably despite all the hype that this will be one of Pep's biggest tests! Stoke look poor though, I really think they are dark horses for relegation, the Bet365 stadium is hardly a fortress, their away record is usually poor and they barely strengthened and I stand by that Sparky could have his QPR type season here.
  4. Yet if you go for every pundit predictions I have read, it will be back to normal for this season and Leicester will not even compete for the top 4! So the argument of the same sides at the top is completely valid.
  5. Urgh, feeling like banging me head against a brick wall here with all the nonsence about this could be the most competitive title race ever... Goodness I'm sure I read the same thing last season and the season before that and so forth. All this talk that 7 teams could win the league, well in actual fact, 20 teams could in theory win the league in ANY league so all this nonsense the PL is unique in this does not pull the wool over my eyes. Yet the ironic thing is, despite all this talk about the season is so hard to predict and it could be unpredictable to predict, the vast majority of predictions I have seen kind of goes into this pattern.... Man City to win the league closely followed by Man United... Chelsea will be back into the top 4 whilst poor old Leicester will finish in the top 10 but virtually no chance of the top 4 because of the extra games in the Champions League yet no one seems to say that about Tottenham? Arsenal will finish in the top 4 but no one is really giving them a chance of the title and the same old prediction that this could be the year they will drop out of the top 4 despite them actually spending money although you would somehow seem to think they have signed no one with the way the media are going. I'm not going to do the full table but heres my top 4 and relegation predictions... 1) Arsenal 2) Man City 3) Tottenham 4) Liverpool I got a feeling with the special one and Man United, everything will fall flat on their faces and Chelsea were 10th last season for a reason which was their defensive record and a poor home record. They have not strengthened at the back and whilst I rate Conte, its one of those where I would not be surprised if he does not survive the full season for whatever reason. I feel and hope Arsenal will win the league, I think they just got quality in their squad and whilst defensively they could be weak, they should beat the majority of teams and usually do and their record against the big boys last season was better than previous seasons, plus it be nice to have Wenger having the last laugh! As for relegation I'm going for... 18) Stoke City 19) Sunderland 20) Burnley I think Hull will be okay, sometimes a new manager could well have a positive affect but it will be tight for them. Sunderland have barely strengthened and did their usual signing ex Man United rejects and if they get off to their usual poor start, then who knows if Moyes will still be there by January. And lastly I gone for Stoke, I think things are getting a little stale there, not much investment, home record is not as good as people make out to be and this could be the season where Sparky could have his QPR type of season. And as for Burnley, I think they will be far too defensive and look fairly lightweight up front but I do hope they can do a Bournemouth and survive.
  6. Hmmm all a bit hit and miss really, at the end of the day, probably just a bit too far east but there some rainfall, thunder and lightning although perhaps I expected a little bit more than there actually was. Radar for this part is a little mis-leading but the models have pretty much nailed it that the bulk of the PPN would be in the Irish sea and in Western areas.
  7. Well I'm off too bed now and its a case of seeing if any lightning flashes/thunder will in the end wake me up and if not, find out how and why it went wrong, radar is picking up a tad but it still looks a little ordinary when you compared to the stuff that is about to hit the Western Isles and even the more isolated cells across parts of Western Scotland.
  8. i'm aware of that but just highlighting all those bright echos in the Atlantic, goes to show how things can intensify in a space of a few hours though so whilst the radar and even cloud images look rather ordinary, things can change quickly.
  9. Not a big fan of the forecaster to begin with but the graphics have shown a shift to a less thundery Wednesday however I would not be surprised if things were totally different again by tomorrow morning's forecast. Of course, if things do go not according to plan, it would be nice too have some sort of explanation to it but I somehow doubt that would be the case. At the moment, all the action is on the extreme tip of North Western Ireland and more scattered across SW Scotland, so kind of going to forecast so far that being said. Looks like all the CAPE is out in the Atlantic with those bright echos, hopefully radar echoes like those can be repeated around these shores! Its all a bit of a waiting game at the moment.
  10. Looking at XC Weather and there is some convergence zones perhaps developing, one over the centre of Ireland and one over Northern parts of Wales, it will be interesting how the rainfall will interact with all this and see if that rain over Ireland will start to turn more heavier and thundery. For those who don't know, convergence zones are where winds are blowing from opposite directions but towards each other so for example ---> <---- - when you see the arrows on XC Weather showing that, then the chances of thundery activity could well increase.
  11. I think there is way too much over analysis regarding PPN charts, at the end of the day, the threat of storms are there, how severe/widespread they will be is quite uncertain. I have to say, Wednesday afternoon could well be interesting for the NE, kind of reminds me of the 31st August 2005 storm of a cold front engaging into warm humid air and providing quite a severe storm, Timing of the cold front with daytime heating could well lead to some fun and games! As for here, I have no idea and there is no point in stressing over it, the weather will do whatever it wants to do!
  12. Can't believe the negativity from certain football reporters(Phil McNulty!) towards Hodgson. He had every right to make changes if he wants too, I mean there is a 23 man squad for a reason and in all honesty, we should of beaten Slovakia giving the amount of domination we had in that game. I'll be more concerned about our lack of ability to open up teams who defend deep, fair enough if it finishes 0-0 and the keeper has a blinder of a game but we only had 5 shots on target out of nearly 30 shots which is pretty poor really. Once we get towards the 18 yard box we seem to lack ideas and there seem to be quite a bit of nervousness from England. I also think Hodgson with his bags of experience deserves a bit more respect to be fair, I'll be more concerned if England was getting outplayed by the 3 teams we played but its far from the case at all. Also all this talk about finishing 1st or 2nd is irrelevant too me, as Hodgson rightly says, you don't win any prizes for topping the group and infact you got a slight disadvantage of playing 2 days earlier. All this talk we might face France is rather premature also, they could get knocked out in the next round so I wish McNulty would stop being obsessed of mentioning this in his reports/blogs!
  13. It was just attack against defence really in the end, its hard to create too many clear cut chances when a team sits so deep but a lack of composure in attack is alarming. 2nd half was fairly poor really but we are through and there is not much difference between 1st and 2nd really.
  14. So Hodgson knew he had to made the changes and he did, so fair play to him. Love how supporters(and pundits who never been a manager) think they know better than a man with over 20-30 years of experience in managment! We do seem to lack creativity when we are around our 18 yards box but do got to bear in mind, in the last 10 mins, the players are more fatigued and Wales had virtually 10 men in their own 18 yard box and as France last night showed, its difficult to break those type of teams down!
  15. Money talks but you can hardly blame him really? Anyone that is offered with such a substancial pay rise would do the same, its not like he's really got a heart for Southampton, and why would he, he's dutch and never supported them so on a financial sence, it all makes sence. We will soon see if its the right decision on a footballing sence but I do rate him highly, he's one of those managers that looks beyond the result e.g Not being happy with the team despite winning whereas other managers will be the opposite and say "We havant played well but the most important thing is the 3 points".