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  1. On the face of it, I can see why some people are not excited but I can also see why some are excited by the output. Very little signs of significant cold heading our way but it is one of those if things do fall into play, we may start tapping into some colder air from the NE as per the GEM run Would add though my first impressions of the UKMO run was one of disappointment as the low in the Atlantic does not look like it would be squashed and try to slide, even the ECM looks a bit better in this regard but turned out unremarkable. See how it develops in the coming days.
  2. As I said yesterday, the key features which remain in play is the fact the PV over Greenland especially will be weakening, the Arctic high developing over the pole with the possibility of it ridging towards Svalbard and the caver of a Euro high developing. Yes, we could have cold snowy charts appearing but it means little even if we do after 180 hours or so. Maybe it's one of those colder set ups could appear closer to the time when we least expect it?
  3. Perhaps the Euro ridge affecting our weatherr which the models have strongly hinted at? As ever nothing is a gurantee at this range so all subject to change as this afternoons runs have hinted at. Nothing overly cold in the outlook either and that does need to be be emphasised also.
  4. I think there is a few trends appearing in the models. PV over Greenland and parts of Canada is weakening, not by a huge amount but much less purples than it is now. Arctic high is set to establish across the pole, whether it ridges towards Svalbard and has any affect on our weather remains to be seen. There is a strong trend towards a Euro ridge so the threat of much milder air heading our way is there. All in all not much sign of cold and snow but as ever keep an eye on the output as it can change.
  5. 2 reasons why attendances are down. One to do with fat Ash and not filling his pockets with any extra cash and secondly the style of football has been dour at times even under Benitez. Bruce just comes across as foolish when he said because Christmas is near on why attendances has been low, that has little to do with it but he knows that but shall not dare upset his boss.
  6. So dreadful they still scored 3 goals against your lot and a 90th min equaliser cost them the win. Make no mistake, utd played alot better in the 2nd half in that game. Pleased for ole tonight, fans singing his name just shows they are on his side despite what the media think, they must be gutted that this result means Ole is going nowhere at all and long may it continue as I said, the treatment he received is nothing short of a disgrace.
  7. After Sundays deep depression, the possibility of another deep low heading to the UK is very high, looking forward too see if the models do indeed show one. Shame any polar WNWlies that the models are showing are looking quite weak upper air temperature wise as that kink in the isobars could easily develop into a prolonged spell check of PPN which could of fallen as snow somewhere but not too be, at least at this stage.
  8. Title is well and truly over and has been for a long time, Liverpool can and will definately seal it if they draw or beat Leicester. Man united showing signs of them old selves under ole, the way he got treated by the media is nothing short of a disgrace, he ain't going to be sacked and he has the opportunity of leading this promising young team in the years to come.
  9. Think the problem I am seeing in the outputs is any amplified ridges are not sustaining at all so there is no sense of significantly cold weather on the way for a while yet. The outlook can and has change quickly before, that is the nature of the weather so no point chasing cold after 200 hours because it will change att that timeframe. Looking forward to the potential of severe gales though, definately one to watch, the met office should consider using its storm naming process as its looking likely severe gales could be widespread.
  10. At least it looks drier and colder the outlook now, makes a change of what has been a rather dull and wet November with the exception of Scotland where it has been drier and probably end up being a drier than normal month. As for next week, it looks like it be one of those set ups where Northern Scotland will be milder than southern England. Question will be just how long will the high pressure hold out for and then what happens after that. No huge amounts of rainfall are forecast though after todays rain.
  11. I always felt having the two threads discussing the same subject(the models)effectively was a waste of time. Personally keeping it as it is is fine but I really would consider banning any posts which shows GFS charts after 240 hours because firstly, it's one standalone weather chart at a ridiculas timeframe which in turn will be different by the next run and secondly there is no other main weather model that goes beyond that timeframe so there is no comparisons to be made. I also feel we got to accept there is going to be some real interest and excitement if a cold spell is forecast in the medium term so post amounts will be very high and not every post will be technical and aslong as its more or less on topic its fine by me. Sometimes I think the way moderators speak to mostly adults on this forum in the mod thread is like a petulant teacher/parent would speak to a child, I think some relaxation has to be allowed otherwise it would seem an unwelcoming thread for people to post in. The more technical posts should never get lost in that thread as people should be able to read through and see the posters name and know what they post will be knowledgeable.
  12. Yep and sells Perez for 35 million even though imo, he's such an underappreciated player and much better than what some fans think. How Leicester plays really suits his style also, he must be loving it there. Rondon loan never looked like it was going to lead to a permanent contract so what we do is spend aon a player who is not a natural striker just so we get that monkey of not breaking the transfer record since 2005. I do have some sympathy for him but even in some of our better games, he never looks like scoring.
  13. CC. Slow undercutting moving low pressure systems with modest chilly air is imo the worst outlook at the moment, the current outlook is really not too bad if your after drier and colder weather. The northerly has been toned down slightly admittedly but high pressure toppling in will give some parts cold frosty and sunny weather which I will accept if there is no cold and snow on the way. The only question mark will be that undercutting low for Saturday and just how for north it gets, knowing our luck it probably will end up too far northwards which will result in yet again dull cloudy and at times wet weather. As we all know the outlook can change back quickly so nothing should be written off and but nor should there be any time frames when it might get cold with snow either. All we know is that for the vast majority there is no snow on the horizon.
  14. When will Bruce stop playing the front 3 up top together, it's just does not work. Joelinton and Almerion just look so short of confidence, it's embarraccing the manager cannot see that but keeps playing them because he hopes they do actually score! Joelinton I'm afraid is a typical signing those non top 6 clubs buy with an inflated price tag just to make them look good by spending ridiculas money. I'm sure Hoffenheim was laughing all the way to the bank when we offered them £40 million! It's a defeat I expected as most non big 6 clubs don't win 3 games in a row and we are a poor side but you would never think villa have lost 3 in a row and we won our last 2. It was dreadful and we could be playing all night and not score. Says it all when Dean Smith did not make a sub until the 90th minute, it was that easy for them.
  15. Noooo, please keep that low far enough southwards that higher pressure stays in control, who wants cold rain yet again. It is a northerly toppler so I'm hoping high pressure can get in control and keep us cold and frosty with sunny days.
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