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  1. Geordiesnow

    UEFA Nations League

    I wonder will any media mention that according to the stats England did not register a single shot at goal in the 2nd half... Sounds like England were very clinical and thats it really, nothing to get excited about and no doubt Gareth Boregate will milk the moment. That 2nd half was very concerning and tells me people should not read anything into the result because in other games we would of got beaten 2-0 or 2-1.
  2. Geordiesnow

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    Likely due to the storm that just hit the pole yesterday which seems to lower the concentration of the ice over the CAB, things are set to calm down so ice concentration should increase again. Not surprises by the slow refreeze as there has been alot of weather which favours compaction therefore slow growth, predicted extent would head towards 2007 and 2012 as i could not see any favourable wind direction or cold which would result in large extent increases. The forecast looks a little better now so hopefully we will see steeper climbs and wont have a 2016 style October.
  3. Geordiesnow

    Premier League Discussion

    Yep fair play to Man United because they did look down and out but when a team that is actually very low on confidence(not this fake nonsence that the media plays up) concedes a goal then you just know the floodgates would open especially when you have to defend wave after wave of attacks fron the stretford end. Got to say the big 6 clubs look very dominant again this season with them all apart from United making very strong starts, does make you wonder why the hell teams like Fulham, Everton and leicester spend so much when its basically a closed shop up there as so many games against the big 6 is just basically attack vs defence, just a waste of money really although at least its better than living off scraps like we do. Now for a club that is in crisis and that is us, going to be a very long season and i cant wait for the January transfer window soap opera and then the Rafa will it wont it type of talk of whether he will sign a new contract or not.
  4. Geordiesnow

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    Wow... this will make October 2016 look minor in comparison. Ironically high pressure over the Arctic during darkness is not a bad thing but it is the type of high that can make the difference. This high bringing such warmth and compacting winds is nothing but bad news for the ice, refreeze will be minimal at best and the ice will just not thicken either. I just cant see anything but record lows as we head into mid October giving the current set up.
  5. With all due respect you cant be more wrong, we are down to 3rd lowest on record now, any build up of the PV has been limited hence the late minimum and slow growth and to be honest for Arctic ice the forecast is disastorous really with a massive ridge with lots of warm air at upper levels in particular is about to pour in from the Pacific side and this pattern looks to be set in at least for 7 days. Cant emphasize how alarming yet extraordinary the charts are for the poles, i havant seen anything like it and in my eyes Siberia still looks well above average also so slow snow cover will continue here whilst the PV still carries on around Canada. Put in some perspective just how extraordinary the charts are, upper air temps are forecast to be higher than they have been during parts of July over the Arctic. I be amazed if sea ice does not head towards record lows by early yo mid October.
  6. Geordiesnow

    Autumn 2018

    Yep the PV is being smashed up and migrated over to Canada whilst the Arctic is about to experience 'heatwave' conditions. To be honest for a UK perspective a PV developing over Canada is surely not a good thing as the cold filters into the Atlantic and fires up the jet.
  7. Geordiesnow

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    Also wind direction is a key factor, strong warm southeries will mean no refreezing will occur on the pacific side as the ice will be compacted so whilst the minimum has been reached i think the trend line will head towards the 2007 and 2012 line by the start of October. I havant seen temperatures looking as warm as this at this time of year although October 2016 also saw ridiculasly warm conditions. At this rate Hudson Bay could see a early refreeze as September has been cold in Canada whilst large parts of the Arctic ocean could be ice free.
  8. I think one thing to note is how the PV is going to get smashed up and by the end of September there is virtually no PV anywhere over the poles, disastorous conditions for the Arctic ice refreeze and Siberia is also looking very warm too so snowcover over Siberia could end up below normal indeed.
  9. Although you should not expect a raging jet in summer to start with. We definately seen the jet stream on average more Northerly but with the cold weather over Canada the jet has become stronger but its going to start tracking SW to NE on a northerly path which means high pressure over England and Wales for the early part of next week.
  10. Atlantic been dead? Certainly don't agree with that but the jet stream in general has been more Northerly. Quite a normal ounlock for September, no surprises the GFS bomb of a low pressure system is alot more shallow and uninteresting although the potential was there. Could very well see the first widespread ground frost and perhaps fog in the early part of next week though. Proper signs of Autumn.
  11. I must say I would not be surprised if by the end of September if snowfall anomolies across Siberia are below average because the outlook look way above average temperature wise and perhaps dry with large areas of high pressure dominating.
  12. Geordiesnow

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    No changes in the output it seems, we still havant reached the minimum yet and the forecast does not look good at all for much in the way of refreeze with potential for WAA events coming in from Siberia and potentially Alaska also. In other words a very disrupted and weak PV with the main of it remaining over Canada. Some of the GFS anomolies for the end of September are nothing short of extraordinary with Siberia looking well above average.
  13. Geordiesnow

    UEFA Champions League

    They were better in the 2nd half but Lyon defended well and kept them at bay and looked dangerous on the counter attack albeit less so in the 2nd half. I see Lyon had odds of upto 20/1 to win that game... English bias bookmakers? Those are long odds for more than a decent team. It's not like City were playing a side of the standard like Huddersfield, Newcastle and Fulham. Also the atmosphere was dreadful, really thought the game was played at Old Trafford and still booing the champions league anthem is pathetic really.
  14. Geordiesnow

    UEFA Champions League

    Maybe so but Lyon are a decent side anyways, you think the way the pundits go on that Lyon are some sort of poor side and are the same standard as Young Boys... Its one of those games though where a City goal could change it though as Lyon might tire but giving the soulless atmosphere at the Etihad then they won' deserve it.
  15. Geordiesnow

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    Talking about warming, with the real notable exception of Canada, alot of the northern hemisphere looks above average, the cold uppers have been mostly centred around the pole and I honestly think we could see a late minimum and a slow refreeze because there is no signs of any PV forming on the Pacific side of the Arctic. Siberia is looking very warm for the time of year also so once again there are signs that the PV is looking weak and this leads to risks of WAA heading into the Arctic during Autumn. Who can forget October 2016 where upper air Temps over the Arctic was nothing short of extraordinary, looks like September 2018 could be following a similar trends