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  1. Arctic Sea ice the refreeze 2017/18

    Got to say the Pacific side of the Arctic is really looking very vulnable and the upcoming weather pattern and then potentially another but stronger ridge at the end of the month could well mean we will see a very unprecedented event of open water through the bering stright because sea ice in the bering sea is very thin and unusually it's very thin in the Bering stright. You only have too look at what happened during February to show just how thin that ice is and if indeed it does open up then that's a major head start to say the least but let's see if the ice can show some resilience. The other main area of interest or concern is the area north of Svalbard towards the pole, anytime we see southerly winds the ice starts to retreat rapidly and images seem to suggest that ice is also thin so one to watch for sure. Going to be an interesting few weeks coming up which could have a major impact on the melt season.
  2. Light snow all morning but be glad too see the back of this easterly and have some spring warmth. Shame there is not much sign of a real significant warm up yet. In all fairness though, as a country this Easterly delivered for sure and I'm surprised just how much snowfall has fallen as a whole.
  3. A few snow showers here but as per usual they fizzle out as soon as they reach the coast. Not expecting much tonight to be fair.
  4. North west regional discussion

    It's really strange as from my experience, whenever we get a strong NEly wind, the can pack quite a punch, yet a strong SWly doesn't seen to have quite the same strength albeit you can sometimes hear the roar of the wind at times in the distance and being on the prom is like being in a different climate at times! Radar is showing PPN in Barrow, anything to report in Ulverston MokI?
  5. North west regional discussion

    Very technical but either way, it's not a good thing! Do think those in Merseyside got a chance of some persistent snow tomorrow, maybe more sticky snow also so no real drifting around either, we sgall see.
  6. North west regional discussion

    It might not be a thaw, it might be evaporation taking place because of the dry air and low dewpoints, seen it here and it's not something I seen before, shame it's not a positive though.
  7. North west regional discussion

    Light flurries for most of the day in what is just a horrible day really, cloudy skies bare ground, awful bone chilling wind and quite frankly I much rather a mild SW'LY over this. All that said, saw a little bit of snow but sums it all up when the snow actually evaporates from the ground instead of melting it's that dry sort of air. The cold snap/spell has been fantastic for the UK on the whole though and shows a true beast from the east can happen and that winter is never over until it actually is. Some of the photos and videos I seen online have been breathtaking, something I very much ever doubt see here.
  8. Arctic Sea ice the refreeze 2017/18

    Guess the good news for the ice is that the AO looks to be going positive so alot more deep cold widely in the basin, for how long though who knows. I suspect the large gap between svalbard and the ice edge will close up but I have never seen an Arctic ice concentration map with so much red on it, would not bode well for the coming melt season surely? The area to watch during Spring is surely the bering stright, just how early will it open up this year and what impacts that will have.
  9. North west regional discussion

    Same here, its the coastal shadow effect these days! Would never move here for weather reasons but more to life than just weather. Even if it did properly snow, it would do what Backtrack is reporting, just blow around and no real accumulation as a result, the down side to dry snow.
  10. North west regional discussion

    Just looked outside and its all the same as before, so I assume barely anything has came out of the sky so I guess any showers are still just fizzling out before they reach here.
  11. North west regional discussion

    Oh dear, shower I thought we may get a decent intensity has skirted to the south of us instead leaving me with just light snow. Oh well onto the next attempt...
  12. North west regional discussion

    Believe so, the air is just too dry to the west of high ground although they do seem to hold there intensity better in Cumbria, apart from unfortunately In Cumbria Marra's location. Light dusting here again from a light snow shower, just want one shower to hit that has a green/yellow intensity on the NW radar, not much to ask surely?
  13. North west regional discussion

    Well just looking at the North East thread and they are getting thundersnow and proper blizzards and all sorts, only something Lancashire could ever dream of but wIll very rarely get, bit of sickener when you used to live there and your back there in 2 weeks, wish I booked my holiday for this week! Im thinking the main reason why the showers are dying a death near the coasts is because the air is way to dry, the dew temps are impressive you have to say but it seems to be sucking all the moisture out sadly. Oh well, only good thing about this region weatherwise is that you can enot proper sunshine and heat in summer when the conditions are right.
  14. North west regional discussion

    The problem is that the Pennines are not really eating up the showers though, it's once they get near to the coastline that they fade rapidly, the clouds I seen today are anvil like unlike yesterday where they looked more cumnimbus/cumulus type. Got to say the same happens on the east coast at times so there must be a meteological reason for it. We had some sparadic snow showers today but blue skies are never too far away so they don't last long.
  15. How much snow have you got? The showers did look more hit and miss than I thought they would be but from what I can see, there been a decent covering across the region.