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  1. Some more distant rumblings occuring but i do suspect im still too far westwards though but we shall see.
  2. Got a feeling i might be too far west but have heard grequent thunder and there is dark clouds in the vicinity, shame the window of opportunity is small today as soon as the wind turns westerly i suspect that will be it
  3. Cant believe people are raving about Marco Silva, manager get relegated and yet will end up with another top flight job because hes bottling of working in the Championship! Appreciate Silva has improved Hull but they could not of got any worsereally as Phelan did a poor job and just said the same things over and over again. I bet if that was Paul Clement or any other brtish manager Watford would not come calling and he would of been managing in rhw Championship.
  4. Even though extent may be in the middle of the pack of recent years, it does look like a summer of quite low sea ice extent looks quite likely with lowest or 2nd lowest looking the most likely. The pacific side of the Arctic looks dire too me and we got an unprecedented polynya in the East Siberian Sea/Chuckchi so how will that affect the ice will be interesting as we head into June. If we have the heatwave early on like we saw last year in this area, the ice will surely melt out quite rapidly there just because of the large amount of open water we got there at the moment. As it happens, there is more ice in the Kara sea now than there was during March! Has been quite a cold spring in Kara but the models are strongly hinting at the first significant warm blast hitting this area with strong southerly winds from Russia so ice pulling away from the coast looks very likely to me along with some melting also although how long will this last is open to debate. Some pulses of plus 0 air is now enterting the basin as we head out of May and into June, nothing too unusual in that but with such low volume and thickness, you just get the feeling its not going to take an awful lot to start rapidly melting that ice. Really going to be an interesting melt season coming up and the fact extent is within the pack of recent years does make it more interesting instead of lurking where 2016 is.
  5. Totally deserved to win i feel, they by far tactically beat Ajax who never seemed to have a plan B. So all this modern and right way of playing is a load of bull, its about the tactics and united wn ugly but they won and quite comfortable. Ajax was more interested in playing tika tacka football and trying to be like Barca but failed miserably and got what they deserved really. Against lesser teams though, i think they be great to watch but they missed a big opportunity.
  6. Indeed, all this talk about dull football is irrelevant when it works a treat. You can see Ajax has individual quality but they have been so careless in possession and just seems to lack ideas in the final 3rd
  7. Got to say i think all of the big 6 have had an excellent season regardless what anyone thinks, totally dominant in the league and cups, scores lots of goals(except for united to an extent) and are a class qbove the rest of the league, Everton as usual are just on the fringes of that group. Many sides from 8th downwards have been poor despite vast amounts of money being spent, although Bournmouth and Burnley you could say are exceptions. I wonder if Pulis will say West Brom had a great season still... The way they did not seem interested in battling with Everton for a potential spot in Europe after they reached 40 points is pretty poor really but hardly surprising seeing as Pulis aint a fan of the Europa League! Hopefully next season will be more competitive because for the neutral, there was a hell of a lot of one sided games when a big gun faced a lesser like and it makes a mockery of theres no easy games in the Premier League even though we all know there is! That said. If it helps Newcastle to stay up next season then ill accept that!
  8. Yep all because of a mini goal drought which any striker can go through. If he does stay in the Premier League all his career then it will be interesting too see if he can pass Shearer's all timw record or not.
  9. Think Kane should consider moving to another league and ply his trade at one of the best clubs in Europe as i think it will benefit his own career(aslong as he plays) but his England career as he will sample a different type of football and it might make him a better player for England. You got to say though, in the last 2 seasons, hes a goal machine and i do hope he gets the golden boot.
  10. I think the biggest damage was caused during the Autumn season where refreeze was very slow and the PV almost non existing really as winds was blowing from the Pacific side of the Arctic in particular bring an awful lot of mild air, I never seen upper air temps across the Arctic being so warm before during October, it was quite unique to say the least! I do think an ice free pole would be more or less an certainity if we get a 2007/11 type of summer but the ice already looks in such a bad shape that you feel when we get the first proper heat blast of the season then the ice will just melt right away, hopefully the early openings on the Pacific side can be filled back in before it will be too late even if albeit it will probably only cover the cracks so to speak. Does look more certain there will be a pattern change from high pressure to more lower pressure over the Arctic although there is quite a lot of disagreement in terms of the details but with lower pressure, the PV should strengthen slightly which could bring colder air and more favourable winds to the areas of the Arctic that will need it.
  11. I kind of expect the ice in the Bering to get more compacted so whilst extent will reduce there, I would expect some ice to remain there by this time next week, perhaps more concerning is just how big those polynyas will get towards the Alaskan coast and exactly how much ice will push away from there, are temps going to be low enough to limit the extent of open water? Only saving grace is that this sort of set up has not yet happened in a month or two time when true warm air would of entered the Arctic. There is hints from the models that the winds along the Beaufort stretch itself could change so they are coming from the Arctic basin which may close any holes along the Alaskan coasts but they have only been hints and if anything, the trend does seem to be for the high to be quite persistant and stuck in more or less the same place. The Chuckchi sea looks the most vulnable to me in the coming week and I would not be surprised at all if we start seeing a lot of reds and yellows appearing on the Breman sea ice concentration charts soon. I still think its too early to say whether we will get a record low or not but for me, even we end up near last years total, if we have a situation where the trend line is way off the others during the summer months then that will tell everything on the state of the ice that is up there at the moment. If we have a 2007/11 type of summer then a record low for the summer months will most defintely occur and we could see the trend line well away from the other years just because on how thin the ice is in thickness and volume.
  12. Some interesting weather coming up into the Arctic with a WAA heading in via a strong low that is hitting the Bering sea and in turn we see quite a strong Beaufort high developing with a rather tight pressure gradient developing. Just how much ice will there be in the Bering sea in a few days time and just how much ice will come away from the coastline of Alaska and what will the situation be like this time next week? Giving how thin the ice is in Chuckchi and no real Multi year ice in Beaufort then its certainly not going to be a good start to the melt season on the Pacific side of the Arctic. I suppose at least the ice in the Kara Sea has been given a lifeline after unprecedented ice loss there during March, just imagine what the situation would be like there if the Southerlies continued!? Either way, the foreseeable does seem to suggest conditions should remain cold in the Kara but I still expect the ice there to retreat quite rapidly like it did in 2012.
  13. Would not say the playing field has levelled out at all, still the same old teams at the top and those teams has many of a time this season thrashed those nearer the bottom albeit the proper thrashings has somewhat dried up in recent weeks which is good too see really. Shame Swansea totally collapsed last night as a win for them would of really hot up the relegation battle for the neautral with anyone up to 9th could not count themselves as safe. Do hope it bunches up in the coming weeks as it would make the final few weeks quite interesting.
  14. What a stupid question to ask by the reporter and Jose totally owned him on that one! Has every right to complain about that question when the game quite clearly was so one sided and West Brom do what they do best against the top teams and park the double decker bus really.
  15. Its where a polyna forms in the Laptev sea area which is down to a scientific reason(someone more knowledgable may know more than me) aswell as natural factors such as if we get frequent winds from Russia, the polyna is more likely to form and be quite large whereas the polyna is less likely to form as large if we get off shore winds from the interior of the Arctic. An example of the "Laptev bite"