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  1. A wee video I took, of the short lived storm or squall, that blasted through Dundee last night......Thunder and Lightning included !!! Storm.mp4
  2. Caught this white rainbow on my dashcam, I never noticed at the time, only noticed it after reviewing my footage at a later date !
  3. Fun with the grandaughter this afternoon in the Garden.. Still have 3 inches or so of snow in Dundee..... Alice_fun_in_the_snow.mp4
  4. First descent fall of snow this morning here in Dundee, as Sawel has already mentioned. Here is my 7;00am trip to the shops for a paper ! LoL...It was too cold to clear the car by hand... So I just used the wipers.................. 07040001.MOV
  5. A wee shake just offshore... http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=557231
  6. Sunset over Dundee tonight
  7. Cracking Sunset tonight..................
  8. Some pics of the sky all taken on the same day,by Loch Long Scotland
  9. A couple of my Videos from yesterday in Dundee
  10. A couple of Pics from last nights Sunset in Dundee................. Fire !
  11. Sunset taken from Dundee ( 24th May ) with the Zoom fully extended in first pic !
  12. This afternoons Rainbow after the Hailstorm in Dundee. Even the Polis stopped tae tak a pic !
  13. good coating of snaw in Dundee
  14. Stood in my bedroom for over an hour last night with the Northern Lights dancing across the Sky Aurora_Borealis.mp4
  15. The view from my bedroom window last night of the Heavenly Dancers, here in Dundee..A first for me !