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    Tameside. East Manchester. 101 mtrs ASL
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    Football (supporting Man Utd. and Stockport County). Mountain biking, badminton and fishing occasionally. <br />Beer.<br />The weather, especially thunderstorms and snow.
  1. Just had in interesting drive back to Manchester from Fleetwood, loads of rain.
  2. It's clearing up a bit now but the sky is still pretty interesting.
  3. Come on reds!! That was nailbiting. I've been shouting at the telly all night. Now back to the league.
  4. Its nitty gritty time. Quarter Finals. Arsenal v Liverpool Roma v Manchester United Schalke v Barcelona Fenerbahce v Chelsea First legs to be played on April 1-2. Second legs to be played on April 8-9. Semi-finals Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea Schalke/Barcelona v Roma/Manchester United First legs to be played on April 22-23. Second legs to be played on April 29-30.
  5. I can't seem to post photo attachments lately. I've tried a few times in the last couple of days but I just keep getting a blank screen when the upload finishes. Is there a problem with attachments as a result of the new servers. Or is it just me? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Odds and Sods

    what it say on the tin
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