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  1. Evening all, just stopping by to report we've had the most incredible thunder storm I think I've ever seen. Constant sheet and forked lightning, the thunder wasn't the usual loud clap followed by a break but constant bangs and crashes with no let up in between. It looked and sounded just like a film set for a WW11 blitz scene. Unbelievable.
  2. Leaving temperature to one side, it's been remarkably dry too. Been digging today and the ground is the driest I've ever known it to be in February. Personally speaking, I'm loving this warm, dry weather, really don't want a return to winter until at least December. I'm hoping the models predicting cold in the first week of March are as wide of the mark as they have been for much of the winter.
  3. Hoping the promise of mild, dry weather comes off, looking forward to longer, warmer days. Any cold weather can stay away, not wanting a last snowy hooray to winter. It had its chance and blew it.

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    2. lassie23


      sleet even😂

    3. jethro


      Nope, not even cold rain welcome. Craving warmth and sunshine.

    4. lassie23


      we have it in london

  4. Another hideous day here, got absolutely soaked again, even the waterproofs couldn't hold out against some of the down pours. Glad it's the weekend.
  5. All I can say is 'Bloody, sodding weather'! I'm soaked, one minute the sun's out, the next minute it's pouring, then to cap it all, torrential hail. Roll on summer. Hurrumph.
  6. It's a hideous morning here, very wet with hail too but at least the wind has dropped. Don't think a rain gauge would have been much use here overnight, more like a bucket needed. Any update on the winds tomorrow?
  7. Birthday of September 13th means I'll never see snow on my birthday, neither late nor early falls. Reckon Antarctica is my only option. I do however get sunny dry ones, rare to have a wet birthday; last year was a beautiful hot, sunny, summers day, helped by being in St Ives :-)
  8. I've had my snow fix for the year, more than happy for spring to come and if it has to be cold and snowy, you lot up north can keep it.
  9. Reckon only the gulf stream shutting down would clinch it.
  10. February is our lucky month. Today, it's 10 years to the day since we got our monumental snowfall, even deeper than last week. Just like last week, it wasn't forecast to be anywhere near as deep and if memory serves me correctly, we were the only part of the country that got it then too. 2010 on the other hand, when everyone else was wading through snow, we got cold and mostly dry, no momentous snowfalls for us that winter. Swings and roundabouts, as was ever thus with the weather.
  11. Morning all, grey and gloomy here but at least it's stopped raining - for now. Facebook did one of those memory things this morning...apparently it's 10 years to the day since we had our monumental 2009 snowfall, if memory serves me correctly we weren't forecast to have so much then either and we were the only part of the country to get it. Around here levels, were even deeper than those of last week, February must be our lucky month.
  12. Oooo, no thanks. I detest high winds. Lost too many fences to them living here and all the lanes are bordered by old, decaying trees, many of which should be felled but they're largely left to fall over instead.
  13. Small world.....I live in Holcombe and yes we get snowed in. It's on quite a big hill and I live slap bang on top of the apex, we're at least 100mtrs higher than all the local towns (Frome, Radstock, Midsomer Norton) and in the case of Wells, 150mtrs higher. Makes a big difference when it comes to snow.
  14. Glad her neighbours were looking out for her, folk round here are mostly a good lot. Gritting in a cul de sac.....they don't grit anything other than main roads round here, literally nothing. Main traffic routes and A roads only, none of the villages ever see a gritting lorry. I'm of the opinion that it isn't so much about budget, more that it's a large area with many main routes prone to drifting and lots of big hills, that they struggle to keep on top of when it snows. It's better to trap as many people in the villages as possible to stop them littering the main roads whilst they clear them. Sometimes, if you're lucky, a local farmer will clear a route out of the village but only once it's stopped snowing.
  15. Morning, what a difference a day makes....6c here and still raining after a very wet and windy night. Patches of snow clinging on but the depth on my table is a big fat zero with a forlorn looking ruler laying flat on the wood. Looking on the bright side, I can now see my snowdrops again.
  16. You're absolutely not alone. Oldie on the outside, big kid on the inside and no intention of trying not to be, quite happy to let the grown ups get on with being grown up but it's not for me, far too dull and boring.
  17. Oh wow, that's stunning, so much work but definitely worth it.
  18. Very slow thaw here, main roads are fine but the lanes are still lethal. Level measure on the table is now 18cm.
  19. Morning all, another beautiful morning here and not feeling cold despite it being the coldest night of the winter so far. Got down to -7 here but a couple of miles down the road in the valley it was -10.8. We live in the mild south west eh, hmmmm. Still got my stray cat camping out in the porch, his shelter gets more and more elaborate, spent yesterday afternoon wrapping it in celotex insulation, so glad I did.
  20. Common footprints found in the UK: https://scouts.org.uk/news/2015/01/wildlife-tracking/
  21. Thank you. Radstock didn't get as much as we did, I'm probably 250ft higher than there, no doubt there will still be good cover there tomorrow, it's all frozen solid now. Roads should be fine there but as soon as you venture off down lanes you're into compacted snow and ice.
  22. Gibby just posted this on his FB page, it's an image taken this morning showing snow cover. The dot is Gibby's village, I'm a couple of miles from there, seems we were INCREDIBLY lucky to get any snow here, let alone the amount we got, so close to missing out completely.
  23. Thanks. We've been playing hunt the snowball, silly spaniels are utterly convinced they can find it then turn to me with a 'where'd it go' look. Works every time
  24. Thank you. I'm not sure how much in the end, I stopped measuring when it got to 28cm as although still snowing heavily, the weight was compacting the snow and it stopped getting any deeper on the table. There was a bit of a thaw late afternoon but followed by a harsh overnight frost means we've still got deep cover here. Just been out in the garden to play with the dogs/take a few pics, table still has 22cm of cover. Looks beautiful with the sun and clear blue sky, dripping lots in the sunshine though.
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