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  1. I can see stars. Radar doesn't show much, if anything due to pass this way, don't think the Mendips will get anything tonight. Good luck to those further south, think you may have more luck.
  2. 38? Blimey, that would have me sitting in the shade or diving in the pool.
  3. Drove home in a heavy rain shower which quickly turned to hail. Here at home on my mendip hill there's not a lot happening, the sky is very dark but nowt is falling from the sky. Reminded today why I'm a dog person....taking pity on the stray cat, I figured if it had decided my porch was home then with the incoming weather I'd better do something to keep it warm and dry so off I trot to get a cat bed. I pick a fairly Rolls Royce version, cat igloo, fur lined, lovely soft cushion, perfect I thought, even cut off a bit of the old fleece it had been curled up on to make it smell right. Cat put its head inside, sniffed then walked away whilst throwing me a look of absolute disdain. Bloody cats!
  4. Afternoon, here at work (near Bristol) it's been sunny all morning but beginning to cloud over from Bristol channel direction, blinking cold wind. Fingers crossed for a bit of the white stuff at home later. Forecast still says snow for Friday.
  5. I checked too The 24 hrs of snow showers from Thurs night is still there too. You do realise we're all completely bonkers and our own worse enemies, even contemplating that the forecast may come true is a sure road to insanity. Grim here overnight, heavy, squally showers and lots of wind, currently dry but I doubt that will last long.
  6. Oh ye of little faith. The storm is going south, it's been shifting steadily all day, final correction will turn it into a channel low and all of us getting plastered. Another question....what's with all the changing of profile pics to just one letter?
  7. Evening, me too. A question though....those forecasts, is the 27cm an anticipated total for the 3 hours or an hourly rate during the 3 hours? If it's the latter, I can't wait Also says it's going to snow here from 9pm Thurs right through to midnight Friday. Oh if only it were guaranteed.
  8. Indeed and all being well, I shall be living there within the year :-)
  9. Thanks for even considering. This one arrived day after boxing day in the snow, curled up in the porch on a bit of dog blanket that had been dumped out the car and has been there ever since. I've made a bit of a shelter for it but it really needs a home. My dogs would just worry the poor thing to death, not malicious but working stock spaniels are utterly convinced every living thing needs rooting out, persuaded to fly or picked up and delivered to my feet.
  10. Afternoon all, could any of you good people give a home to a stray cat? Know anyone who might?
  11. It's quite welcome to carry on shifting south, if it turns into a channel low with the west country on the northern flank getting buried in snow, I don't think anyone down here will complain.
  12. Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    The Darkest Hour - Gary Oldman is superb, go see.
  13. Evening all, it's cool and calm here but the forecast for tomorrow looks vile. Personally speaking, you can keep the high winds, I hate gales - lost too may fences to them over the years living here and we're surrounded by elderly trees, live in fear of the damn things falling over. They belong to the neighbour but border us, he moved in about 8 years ago and because he was extending had to have an ecological survey, the trees were condemned as unsafe then and he still hasn't taken them out. On a happier note, saw Darkest Hour tonight, Gary Oldman was fantastic, go see it. Got home to find The Water Diviner on the tv, another brilliant film with the yummy Russell Crowe. Happy bunny here.