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  1. Can't believe how bad the snow drifting is here. I just got stuck on the Village main road.(On the way back from hospital). I managed to dig myself out though. Lots of roads near impassable and not because of snow falling now. Just the drifting.
  2. I cleared my car to go to work, then was told to stay home. Treachorous road conditions in Norfolk today. The car is showing snow since about 9am.
  3. We have a really nice covering here close to Gt Yarnouth. Just checking the school closures 27 in Norfolk so far, but I can see that rising. Still snowing and lots more to come by the look if the North Sea. Best snow for a fair while here. 75 closures now, escalating quickly!
  4. Light snow here about a mile from the coast. An icing sugar covering (Light dusintg?)in some spots and on tops of cars ets. Encouraging start! Sorry didn't realise the thread had split areas. I hope you all get obscene amounts of snow! (For those that want it) **I hadn't noticed the thread had split. (I had left myself logged in and not noticed) Sorry please delete if possible?
  5. Mixed emotions this week. I've been snow watching for many years and I've really been encouraged by the models, showing such rare synoptics. On the flip side I'm hoping to got my dad home Wednesday after 4 months in hospital. I could see this being delayed by the snow which would really be frustrsting.(But I still want loads of snow!)
  6. Hail/Pellet shower here near Gt Yarmouth. Seen some lovely snow falling so far this cold spell.Better than some winters, but still feel we're all hungry for a proper dumping. Can't see that in the next week or so. Still got half of winter to go though.
  7. Lovely stuff in Norwich. Really coming down. Shame it looks like it will stop soon.(Looking at the radar)
  8. I love the apprehension and ups and downs of waiting in these situations! Lampost watching this evening for us!
  9. Still 2 months of winter proper left. 3 Months with potential for snow.So I personally think there are plenty of chances for snow yet. :smiliz19:
  10. The Model thread is unbearable at the moment with people calling winter over. Pathetic stuff. Definitely time to take a break from reading that thread and read some normal posts in here.
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