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  1. Perhaps someone ought to start a happy and jolly thread? Anyone going to run a book on how many posts it might get? None other than the first probably. Sad fact of life too many moan. Me included I expect. Perhaps it is the frustrations of life of which there seems to be too many.
  2. Etna. https://apple.news/Aosoz-GEZNDSwXCtiotLdiQ
  3. I am another miserable so and so. But I feel slagging Snipper off because he gave a brief answer to a question is a bit thick. Probably more concerned about things than he is letting on. Unlike Macbeth.
  4. Out of interest how many of those who keep banging on about BREXIT (one way or the other) have lost friends because they do not agree with you? So many people I speak to can see pros and cons for either view point. Some say whatever happens there will be some other event/s in the world that will substantially change the perspective and or events. So It will be mankinds usual hiccup causing us to stagger from one crisis to another. For avoidance of doubt I voted to remain.
  5. Far from questionable. What I hate are so called sound bites. A couple of seconds to say something trite or insincere. David Cameron had a good record for this. Making comment about every subject that has nothing to do with endeavouring to run the country. More a case of having my face in public. Sorry for the rant.
  6. Sorry but although important not sure what it has to do about the topic? I am sure Roots has a very serious basis. But is it the real truth? Real facts might have been even worse. Was it built up for dramatic effect or sanitised for consumption? I do not apologise for not knowing. How many news items you have have direct personal knowledge of are far from the truth? The media have their own agenda. Are you, me, the government, or the lady at the bus stop suppose to make an apology? Yes express regret in a general way but don't apologise for something you have absolutel
  7. Anyone have experience of these? Had one for my birthday. Plugged it in and set up was very easy. Accessed all the contents. Now for some reason it has decided it cannot connect to the internet. One moment the settings page indicates there is a good wifi signal but I cannot connect to the content. Then tells me signal is out if range then back in again. Tried the usual of disconnecting then reconnecting. Restarting Fire Stick. Restarting router. Reinputting wif access code. All to no avail. Wifi speed has remained consistent since it was first set up. No problem with connecting oth
  8. So what was the problems. I have no problem with what you said? Yes very sad that many children had their life trashed.
  9. For those who feel really sadistic do a search putting bhut jolokia chili youtube Enjoy!
  10. My son gave me a Bhut jolokia chilli plant last year. Grew very well but so hot. Check out http://www.chilliworld.com/factfile/scoville_scale.asp Saved some seeds and recently sowed some using my bare fingers. Washed my hands and touched my lips sometime later. So hot and sore. Be warned. T
  11. Just had the following message from nephew who lives in Boston. "We've had almost 6 feet in 3 weeks. It's getting a bit ridiculous now. I am grateful to the person who advised me not to skimp when we bought our snow blower but still have to do the path, steps and porch by hand. Also the deck out back but we might have left that too late. We did clear the first batch but since then didn't find time and now it's packed down to 2ft of really heavy stuff. Not sure how much more the roof can handle!"
  12. Check out this app. http://www.metdesk.com/?page_id=1722 Tubs
  13. If you want an app you could check out Met desk's Home and Dry and Snowfall radar http://www.metdesk.com/?page_id=1722, which I find pretty good. Have to pay for it though. G
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