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  1. Without a doubt, WordPress. It is sophisticated and comes with many themes and plugins, most of which are free or very reasonably priced. The learning curve is quick and simple. Video courses are available to show you how to get started. I have plenty of free videos if you need help. Once you've mastered WordPress, you will never look back. You can make your site as simple or complex as you wish, with as many pages as you want to add. I highly recommend WordPress Andy Moore
  2. Excellent video, David. Love it! Storm kicked off early here about an hour ago. But nothing like that.
  3. Over the Hogs Back to the north we have thunder lightning hail and very heavy rain. The road is awash and flooding is imminent. Come over and see for yourself. But you may have it already in Godalming. :-)
  4. Flash bangs every 15-30 seconds here now. Rain coming down hard. Whoops! That was a loud one.
  5. Thanks, Tangerine. Great info.
  6. This may just sound a pretty dumb question so please bear with me. If the ice is melting anywhere on land, then presumably the sea levels will rise. If it's melting on the oceans then the sea levels will remain unchanged. Now I do not know this because I haven't looked into it in any great depth, but I have not seen any evidence of any sea levels rising anywhere. If the situation is becoming 'critical' as some would suggest, why has the level not risen? Or has it and I just missed it in Portsmouth Harbour...?
  7. Interesting, SB I was recently given a book called "Since Records Began" which details the extremes of our strange weather here in the British Isles. The guy who wrote it writes a column in the Times about weather and it is very interesting. I don't know why we think these extremes are down to AGW...beyond me! Anyway, it's worth a read... Best Andy
  8. Hey mate, Sounds like you are really getting dumped on. I see floods in mid-west are causing lots of grief. Get the bailing buckets out and good luck. Andy
  9. Here are some of my readings from the 'cold snap' in the South East of England last week. Date High Low Snowfall Tue 5.8 -1.6 Zilch Wed 4.1 -5.5 Zilch Thu 5.8 -0.6 4 inches (approx) but most in about ten years round here – traffic chaos big time at rush hour! Fri 5.2 -1.1 Going Sat 10.1 4.5 Gone – but the remains of Streak the Snowman were on the grass till Monday am with evidence that the carrot had been nibbled by mice And that is winter in South East England………. Andy
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