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    wincanton south somerset
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    weather, ebay, cross stitch kids having fun

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  1. hi, coldfingers

    sorry took so long to reply!

    you sound just like me, my hubby thinks im mad as well lol, as im always watching weather and like you volcanoes, nice to meet someone with similar interests, hope you are keeping well, love kerry, (short for kerensa lol)

  2. kerensa

    cloud pictures

    in this album i am putting my cloud pictures
  3. Hello Kerensa.

    I am 60 and still mad about weather and geology. Hubby now knows that if it snows or a volcano goes off then he becomes a widower for the duration. I am lucky I married a wonderfully understanding man. Even if he knows I am mad and bad.

  4. kerensa

    wincanton snow 2010

    this is our snow 6/01/2010
  5. kerensa

    Oh Life

    :lol:hi, all what a manic year, own business, in recession, mad or what!, well we are surviving, @ truxspray, no one wants to buy new so having old vehicles resprayed, we even had to employ another person so busy, just wish customers would pay on time as have no overdraft with bank!!!! weather here in somerset mad as ever, as a northerener at heart, takes a bit of getting used to, in somerset, but i do love it here, we live on a hill with views to die for (blackmore vale), so i can see weather coming, storms that miss us, but see on horizon, as i write this we are in the line of heavy showers, typical sunday, so wine on cool, hub asleep! aftyer roast beef dinner, me trying to find somewhere to stay on friday, for MADSTOCK, with kids lmao, a 15yr old, who'd rather stay in bed, and watch slipknot instead, but secretly looking forward to getting out of somerset, 8 yr old who just wants day off school, so hope weather ok for friday, but knowing my luck brollies needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. kerensa


    pictures of anything
  7. hi, it was real snow, it was a rubbish camera! lol, i think there was lightining before it started
  8. happy new year to you too, i hope its a good one!!

  9. kerensa

    oh life!

    hi all, first sympathies to all those flooded, is there an end to this rain, i don't think so the only things that like this rain as far as i can see is, slugs, snails, worms, our fish and frogs!! as i speak its raining again quite heavy, at this rate we will have summer at xmas and that will make us aussie lol on a lighter note, my eldest daughter braved the rain last night to get the latest harry potter book, she went to FROME ok cool not! and queued outside wh smiths only to see the wild side of life, (which bless her had never seen before), im a northerner so im used to it! but anyway, she saw some police action, she says a teenager no older than 14 was p........ed as a fart, and began frightening the young kids waiting, and then a police van turned up, with a young woman pc, whom to the teenager was fair game, he started trying to head butt her and was swearing at her, she then got him in a headlock and it was game over for him, but fight! he really did, they got him in the van, even then he was bashing about like a good un (local dialect!) the policewoman then turned around, to the crowd and got a huge applause! and she replied police, camera, action.
  10. kerensa

    pond life

    hi, in my blog i was saying about our big ghost koi fish, well here he is :o
  11. hi, im getting storm withdrawl symptons, they have all missed us lol

  12. kerensa

    school trip

    hi Andy, yes warminster park deserves a sunday outing, i was really impressed, as for popping in, i think 50 kids wanting the loo would be a bit much
  13. kerensa

    school trip

    hi, yesterday it was our sons summer school outing, we went to Bradford-upon-avon to look at a canal and barges, after a wander about and plenty of loo stops!!! the kids sat down to draw a barge, all busy concentrating when all of a sudden a young bloke with a pirates hat and sword came along to have fun with the kids! it was not planned and he seemed to come out of nowhere, but he had them singing songs and acting like pirates!! he was so funny, i do think he had too many lemonades!! but what the heck the kids loved it!! after that we went to warminster park where rhere is a lake with lots of birds swans, ducks etc.... when out of the blue a child screamed a flying dinosaur, we all looked and it was a heron on hes way to get a fish, but to a 6 year old they must look huge lol omg by the time i got home i was shattered its hard work being with 50 5-6 yr olds, it needed 3 coffees to get me going again, but we were so lucky with weather no rain and really quite warm, we do seem to be missing all the storms at the moment which is not fair
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