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  1. 12 minutes ago, snowking said:

    This just about sums up this week in Greenwich:


    Been sat on the southern edge of that heavier precipitation for the last two hours now, with just some sleet and occasional bursts of wet snow which hasn’t left a slight layer of slush on some cars. And now it’s weakening.

    So a little like March 18 for this area, so close to something more significant but did not have the winning ticket in the raffle once again. But good to see some areas have done better than expected, and today’s system does go to show that even with the hundreds of millions which we throw at forecast models, some situations are still as unsuccessful as my own modelling career (which similarly even hundreds of millions of pounds could not fix)

    There’s still hope, we’re only just into February and modelling will remain volatile for a while yet with the downwelling wave, but after the grim weather we’ve had today in London, I think I’m ready for some spring warmth....maybe swimsuit modelling is more my thing...

    I've been under the heavier band for a couple of hours now. Has left nothing with the temp  stuck at 1.3c and a dew point of 1c

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