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  1. lol John,yep im scarred for life myself with this one too.I remember one of the bread trucks couldn reach the shopping centre close to me and selling the bread at the side of the road.Myself and the brother took a trip on our makeshift sledge to buy some.Funny thing is i drive down the same road to work every morning where that truck was stranded and a rye smile always comes over me followed by sadness of nearly once in a lifetime event.Never see the likes of it again.
  2. Yep Kippure south Dublin got most of the rain with incessant lightning for over a 24hr peroid.I was fortunate to be in Dunlaoighre early that day looking across the bay with spectacualar displays of lightning. A cold NE wind was blowing over a relatively warm Irish sea which create very unstable conditions only 15miles off the coast. The radar showed the storms originated in the same spot and wind blew them across land continuously.Later on that day you could see explosive CBs moving over the region when i travelled north of Dublin and basically around the drogheda area was in a clear slot and
  3. Yeah mine too please,my link to my website is in my sig. Im north of where John Cox is in Dublin. Thanks.
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