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  1. There's always hope, especially for you living in them thar hills, (without wishing to be IMBY) I suspect down here on the sarf coast it may well be clear/translucent rather than white...
  2. Morning All, seemingly drier this morning than yesterday, as we dry out, but still overcast (hoping this cloud lifts for tomorrow mornings lunar Wolf moon eclipse). Anyway right now its Temp: 1.9 °C & Dew Point: 1.3 °C after an earlier overnight low of 1.0 °C with RH96%.
  3. And so the drizzle continues...Just been outside, I'm sure I can hear Karlos singing after his team pulled a flanker of a result....
  4. Certainly does make it hard going in there, you can have you choice of anything from one extreme through the middle of the road to the other extreme, whilst it's good to see people air their views, I do wish sometimes people would just apply some savvy rather than shooting from the hip. Anywayz, that damn area of rain seems to be stuck in a whirlpool over Poole bay as just doesn't want to B... off.
  5. Worra naff ol day, spent the time fiddlin about and figuring out the nuts & bolts of the Davis I bought. Steel pole arrived this week so can at least get things out there now, as SW appears to be running. So back to the fun stuff, Temp: 5.9 °C & Dew Point: 5.5 °C, which suggests the RH97% as no surprise. Rainfall wise, looking at around 14mm since it first started to rain..
  6. Thanks for the advice, it's been an absolute roller coaster all week but it sounds like it''s a valium experience right now..
  7. WXSIM (Weather Simulator) is a powerful, truly one-of-a-kind tool for forecasting, or just plain studying weather. Its primary purpose is providing accurate, detailed forecasts tailored for your specific location, using a combination of imported real-time and model data (from the internet, plus optionally from your home weather station) and its own internal modeling capabilities. It can even improve its forecasts by learning from past results! @Mapantz has spent time entering his data and getting the scripts to run based on his data, so.. if you look on his site he now includes WXSIM forecasts, based on his previously obtained data, and current data it "forecasts" what might happen in his locality going out over the next x days..
  8. Karlos, you mean you've lived without WXSIM all this time, really. I'm shocked.....
  9. Not necessarily the case, I for example wouldn’t look to buy a house in Sandbanks with global warming and rising sea levels, give it a few years and the house will be surrounded by water... oh and the fact I don’t have the money to afford to live there
  10. Morning All, a rainy night leads us into a wet morning, currently Temp: 6.7 °C & Dew Point: 6.1 °C, RH96% and a fair ol breeze in from the SE..
  11. Photographic proof or signed confirmation from an independent witness is required this year, the rules have been far too lax for people to report snowfall in the past. Now Mapantz is control we are tightening up the regulations
  12. Currently 6.1°C here and you'd have to be a magician to get anything other than rain falling here tonight. Has to be said we are neither inland nor at height, so fair doos...
  13. As most others, what appeared to be a cold start to the night, faded as the cloud rolled in. Currently Temp: 6.1 °C & Dew Point: 0.6 °C & 1016.3 mb
  14. AHA, you're playing catch up tonight. I have frost on the car already and currently it's Temp: 0.4 °C & Dew Point: -2.8 °C
  15. I have already planned to work from home, in the event that a single snowflake disrupts the southern england traffic. My winter tyres are poised, as are my snow chains, my snow shovel, flask, blanket and mars bars. Do you think I'm going over the top....oh OK, I'll only pack one Mars bar then..
  16. If you are sat on top of the Rowridge transmitter mast then anything is possible..at 941ft above sea level the precip might well be of a different kind..
  17. Any you've been in the DOM no MOD , no DOOM thread tonight I presume, I'm not sure anybody can give you any odds against anything happening on Tuesday apart from the fact it comes after Monday and leads into Wednesday. Seems very unstable right now and could go whichever way..
  18. 5C double snow symbols, really? Does that mean 2 flakes of sn*w. Not being facetious but that sounds really hopeful. Of course living oop north of the region you have a better chance, but I've seen temperatures much lower than that and it's been rain. Of course temperature inversions / salt air / too many grockles can upset the balance down here...
  19. Comment on a BBC article: The patterns are the result of very tiny imperfections in the glass, such as scratches, specks of dust and salt, or the residue from washer fluid. These variations in the surface affect the way that the ice crystals form and branch out, forming the beautiful patterns.
  20. Mornin All, I'm glad a placed a windscreen cover on the car overnight, whilst not frosty it was covered in ice from a recent rain shower that has frozen on the cold surfaces, saving some useful scraping time this morning. Currently Temp: 2.6 °C & Dew Point: 1.7 °C, with clear skies I suspect it will drop a tad more before sun up.
  21. As has been commented many times on here, the Beeb forecast is "Just for fun.."
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