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  1. 5 minutes ago, Portsmouth Sun said:

    Isn’t it frustrating to read about people finding a one day hot spell too hot.  We had a lovely 31c day here in Portsmouth, I’m sure Southsea beach was much cooler. 

    Well, I challenge that, each to there own, and how they cope with heat. My wife struggles with 26-30C and the humidity levels for the Uk, and yet, we spend time in Arizona @ 40-44C, with sub 20% humidity and she is fine. It's more about how you can cope with the variance of heat and humidity rather than pure temperatures..

  2. 36 minutes ago, Alderc said:

    Mildest night of the year with a min of 17.5c. However a double whammy this morning, cloud still streaming north in the mid levels associated with the plume and then lots of low level muck been pulled across from the North Sea at the surface could be a while until we see any sun.

    A very warm one overnight with the overnight low of 17.1°C and confirmed by the overarching mist that's around this morning the humidity level is right up there @ 94 %, Humidex 21.8°C. A wacky backy spell this, you couldn't make this up form where we were last week and people seeing some extraordinary weather, lack of storms, lack of heavy thundery rain, amazingly high temperatures and formidable humidity/heat mix. Meanwhile back in reality, maybe the next few days will see something a little more in line with the forecasts, who knows?

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