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  1. Tiz dark, had to turn the lights on this morning, sure sign August is coming to an end

  2. OK, where's summer I've paid my fees until the until of August

  3. Crackin' down pour in a recent shower, reminds me of April. It is still Spring, right?

  4. That "feature" over NE England would serve us proud for some welcomed rain. Mr Postman stick it in your sack and deliver it to us tomorrow morning please.....

  5. Ok so question of the day. Are ladybirds know to be blood suckers, as I watched two ladybirds today bite the [email protected] otta me and have good time, that was before the finger of god flicked them off. Usual, or not?

    1. coldfingers


      We once had a swarm of ladybirds down south here and they were biting people then. Usually I think it is a sign they are hungry and try anything that moves! There has been a great increase in the red ones in the last week. before was mainly the harlequin ladybird.

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      I was in Norfolk last year when they had the ladybird swarms, for someone who doesn't like flying insects (me!) it was horrific.

    3. Dorsetbred


      Interesting as for years I have considered them the gardeners friend, now the little bugg3rs are biting the gardener. Godamnit

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  6. Folks on next years Stormchasing trip, best get your ESTA's sorted QUICK, check out http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-10899968

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman


      I thought th ESTA Forms we filled out this year last 2 years ?? That way next year should not be a problem for the returning folks

    2. Dorsetbred


      Correct, but anytbody who did it two years ago needs to renew before September or cough up.

  7. Thunder heard in Poole, oh no, no more no storms club membership,b......k s :^(

  8. Is it me or is it dark out there at 21:18, is that autumn knocking??

  9. I saw real rain this morning for 8seconds, not drizzle, gen_u_ine real rain. Woz that all about then?

  10. I think the summer thinks it's autumn

  11. Grounghog weather this is

  12. Has the UK paid all it's membership fees to the EU yet? If so why won't we get s Spanish Plume?

    1. dogs32


      are you on about your hair..lol

    2. dogs32


      lol my xxxx off here

  13. Will the weather every liven up as boredom is horrible

  14. Who mentioned ice-cream?

  15. rainshield is broken this morning, and leaking!

  16. Will it EVER rain again Dorset?

    1. butler_son


      *Looks outside*

      Nope! =D

  17. Tried clenching buttocks routine, and was followed home by a stranger

  18. waiting........

  19. Your right, it's a stormless Poole, this year

  20. Is this really going to be a stormless summer, again??

  21. Darn, I missed the rain this morning :^(

  22. Whilst the weather had a mind of it's own and excelled for both trips 2 & 4, it kinda went soft for tour three a tad. The best I could manage can be viewed here: [url="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v212/Dorsetbred/Stormchasing%20USA2010/?albumview=slideshow"]My slideshow[/url]
  23. Ok, beach here I come...

  24. Is this weekend summer part deux?

    1. butler_son


      That sounds like Sandbanks o'clock to me!

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