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  1. More welcomed rainfall overnight has topped the amount up to 11.2mm for yesterday (09:00 -09:00), nudging the monthly total upwards. Currently 11.2°C after an overnight low of 10.7°C
  2. Spot on today for convective suggestions, right on the button with the forecasted area.
  3. After yesterday's welcomed 6.8mm of rain and an overnight low of 8.6°C this morning whilst sunny the skies are overcast. Radar suggests the possibility of some more rain later, having seen one forecast suggesting SLGT convective outlook here for today...
  4. Looks as though the other cells are dying as the heat disappears, currently west of London, but fizzling fast..
  5. First cell seemed to stop and move around and then regrouped right over the house, with stair-rods of rainfall, 4.4mm with a peak rain rate of 48mm/hr.. nice..
  6. 8 seperate cells lined up heading towards Bmth from the Norwich direction, we are just a bit too far west to benefit from them though looking at their tracks.
  7. As Mapantz has reported, it's the same here in Bournemouth a complete veil of cloud has seen the blue skies disappear. Visible image from SAT24 shows the thicker cloud over the area.
  8. With a slight amount of moisture around this morning and an overnight low of 5.6°C at: 04:43, we kick off with a cloudless start.
  9. We might be lucky and see some more coverage on Tour 2 (hopefully) given it's forecasted activity. I suspect that the cost of streaming and the fact it would drop a fair bit might have swayed it's use this year. Agree that streaming was a great way to sell the tours (as long as you know about NW and it's tours as a starting point), but with so many people streaming out there now, you could consider in some instances you are streaming the same as other people at a cost, who knows.
  10. Don't you mean "plain" food?
  11. Hope it works out, as last time I did that journey, the taxi driver refused to take as he said it wasn't far enough trip for him. So he was told by the guy at the airport organizing taxi, to get the heck outta there, so he took me and moaned all the way, (however short the journey)
  12. As yesterday, clear, clouds, clear.. Maximum today slightly down on yesterday @ 18.4°C at: 12:34.
  13. Very much like yesterday, with a clear star warming nicely and then cooling starts as the cloud kicks in. I expect it'll clear later as it did yesterday.
  14. After an overnight low of 5.6°C we are off with a sunny start to the day and clear skies, currently 16.1°C. With a calm sea and current sea temp of 11°C , I'm sure the beaches will fill today..
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