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  1. Jim Cantore, in the thick of it, and lovin' it, on the weather channel. Lucky sod.

    1. Mesoscale


      do you have a live stream link?

  2. Single digit temperatures at night, christmas items in the shops, it must be November....

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    2. Gordon Webb

      Gordon Webb


      The above post is a personal opinion and does represent the opinions of the the Majority

    3. pip22


      I heard a christmas song another day!! It is November!! :-D

    4. Bottesford


      Gordon - I think you'll probably find 'the majority' away from weather forums would prefer summer weather in high summer.

  3. Yesterday's twister, so for once it seemed Dorset was unstable enough to produce the goods! http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/11410043._Twister__spotted_over_Dorset/?ref=mr

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      "Huge"? Haha.

    2. Mapantz


      Nothing but drizzle here.

  4. When Scotland achieves Independence, will they rebuild the "Wall" with the A74(M) toll money?

    1. Gaz1985


      It will be called "Salmonds Wall"

  5. Has the thaw set in on the MOD thread, or is another assault being planned?

  6. National Grid have reported a large drop in energy requirements, reported to be post meltdown on Neweather MOD thread

  7. 28.1C here and still time to climb

  8. Netweather Euro radar broken?? Where's the rain??

  9. 24.2C and still plenty of time to climb higher

  10. What....no rain???

  11. And another day of "Flash & Bang"...what a great year it's turning out to be

  12. Better chance today for some power showers by the look of things

    1. shuggee


      lol - good description!

  13. Ithink we are on a winner this year. With thunder at the moment, it does mean we have had more t-storms this year so far, than the whole of last year.

    1. IanR


      I have had non this year , not even a distant rumble or faint flicker of distant lightning pffffft

  14. Our garden is whiter now than it's been all winter, don't you love April showers?

    1. Aaron


      Yeah, especially when they don't appear

  15. bright spring sunshine masks the fact the figures are iin single digits and some people (not here) have a covering of snow on the ground

  16. Wall to wall blue skies, mmmmm nice

  17. I just killed flippin huge mosquito

    1. Aaron


      I thought living in maritime climates was supposed to reduce the insects.. just like Florida with all these midges.. yuck :(

  18. I do find some of the ads on here intriguing, I'm not sure I have a requirement for a thermal imaging camera though!

    1. bobbydog


      i'm not sure i can afford to stay at the waldorf astoria in utah either!

    2. Lancashire Lass

      Lancashire Lass

      Lol thought it was just me who got bizzare adverts.

  19. Anybody wanna make me an offer for a Golf MK5 with a busted turbo?? £1265 repair costs....

    1. CreweCold


      LOL what good is a turbo when it's busted :p

  20. Whay, just submitted my power readings for the last three months and still in credit by a £100. Come on spring...

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    2. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      Yes defo a bonus of this sh#te winter.I'm £80 in credit and just about to switch suppliers to a cheaper tariff.

    3. Aaron


      If I'm honest, my heating has been on since September

    4. jean91


      the Eye in the Sky quite a fortune saved!!

  21. Love is in the air.... Oh strange I thought it was mist....oh well

  22. 545 guests, waz that all about, come on in sign up, we don't bite (well most of us don't)

  23. 545 guests, wassa

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