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  1. Few cm's snow lying. Max 0.8C earlier but down to 0.2C in the snow. Shame it won't last.
  2. 1-2cm snow lying from overnight. Temp 2.0C rain/sleet. Fog vis approx 100m. SE wind increasing. Snow lying down to roughly 200m asl, thawing. 113mm for month so far.
  3. Covering of snow, temp 0.4c. Tonight could provide more snow than this frontal system.
  4. Frosty clear start here in Teesdale. Freezing fog rolled up the valley as often it does in a SE flow. Only recently has temp risen above freezing. Overnight low -1.9C, max so far 0.2C.
  5. Few cm of snow here, Brough to Middleton in Teesdale closed due to drifting snow.
  6. Hail and sleet/snow shrs this morning replaced by a period of general snow. Leaving a covering of a few cm's.
  7. Low wind speed at the moment aiding evap cooling. Temp will increase as wind picks up from N.
  8. Rain band slightly further East than forecast, not really reached higher Pennines. Temps steady at 2.6C has been for several hrs. Saw more snow yesterday evening and this morning than from this Yellow warning.
  9. Clearer skies here last hour or so revealed snow down to approx 550/600m asl. Melting fast in sunny weather and warmer temps pushing East.Snow level lower further up valley.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2487760/UK-weather-Bonfire-Nights-white-Snow-falls-Northern-hills-temperatures-dipping-freezing-point.html http://twitter.com/paulkingstonnnp/status/397747656434647040/photo/1â€
  10. 122cm was reported at Consett. Impressive single event, most of the snow fell in about 36hrs.
  11. Just been reading your accounts of the blizzards of 1978/79 on Col. Its one major element that's been missing from recent winters is a widespread snow associated with strong winds. Your notes of the 60mph winds with heavy snow and sub zero temps evoque vivid images. Pics from Weardale http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/twoother/twocontent.aspx?type=bg&id=1626 1947 was expectional. Nearby station of Newbiggin in Teesdale report for Febuary max temp of 0C for the month with 10.45" of rainfall. Rainfall totals for first 3 months was 22", perhaps 15"+ of that will have fallen as snow.
  12. Not just the Midlands were effected. Northern England aswell. Winds here appear to have been stronger here with a gust to 85mph at Warcop Range.
  13. I remember a Philip Eden article regarding the media phrase 'worst snowfall in 18 years'. Maybe in SE of England but the true bilzzards over S Scotland in Feb 2001 and NW England/SW Scotland in 1996 appear to have been erased from the journalist's mind who came up with the phrase.
  14. I'd rather have had several of the 70/80's winters than the last few. Esp 1978/79 the depth of snow far exceeded recent winters in this area. One element that has been missing from the recent cold winters are blizzards.
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