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  1. A large weather system is currently crossing Spain which is forecast to bring exceptionally heavy rain and possibly what is known as a gota fria. This often (but not always) gives rise to considerable flooding. http://www.eltiempo.es/lluvia/ and follow the sequence. In anticipation of the worst, people are moving items off floors at ground level and taking all precautions associated with a possible flood. This is a regular occurrence in autumn and is an interesting weather phenomenon. The links below explain. They are in Spanish but run them through google translate if you are interested.
  2. Tks for the link, just what I was looking for. I'll keep a tab open with an online translator. Temps yesterday - can't argue with the official upper maximums but locally, and of course unofficially, the temps topped at about 44/45 - substantial numbers of people have small weather stations, yes, unreliable but there has been wide consensus as to the top temps mid afternoon yesterday. We also had a poniente, a windstorm of scorching Saharan air, which added to the misery.
  3. I've now relocated permanently to Spain and am trying to find a Spanish weather forum. Does anyone have a relevant link? Tks.
  4. Hi everyone. Just popped in to see how things are back in Ireland. The hottest day here so far in Spain has been 26 degrees but it's now settled into a pattern (at least for the next week) of cloudless blue skies, blazing sun and moderate temps (low 20s), which feels warmer in the sun. It's still chilly at night. I can assure you I'm not missing the cold and wet in the slightest! I hope you get your sunny and settled weather soon. That's a marvellous pic of the aurora.
  5. Visiting Wales (the valleys) from Ireland - have now acquired webbed feet after last night's rain. No idea how much fell in total but it was surely an impressive amount .
  6. I'll echo what Earth Wind and Snow says. A wild wild night. We were driving from Belfast to Rosslare. It was fine as far as south Dublin (relatively) but rapidly became hairy after that. On the N11 the road was blocked for a while by a fallen tree but we eventually got past that. The air was full of flying missiles which were hitting the windows of our motorhome in a terrifying manner. The van was swaying from side to side in the gusts. Just outside Gorey I saw that the roof skylight was lifting about an inch with each gust, though still attached to the roof at several points. We were not eve
  7. Good luck to you all today, especially those in Cork and Kerry. Amazingly, my ferry is still posted as sailing, albeit delayed, but the problem's going to be getting there at all. The weather conditions Wicklow to Wexford look atrocious. There was a sprinkling of settled snow overnight here but it's gone now. It hardly matched up to the spectacular amounts in the NW.
  8. Good news from Derry about the snow. A couple of quite sharp showers here but nothing lying. Tomorrow we take the ferry from Rosslare to Pembroke, preceded by a drive from Belfast to Rosslare. Hah! There's more than a fair chance that we'll be back in Belfast tomorrow night. That's a serious storm which is forecast.
  9. Last month it seemed a good idea to book our ferry crossing from Ireland to Wales for this Wednesday. It doesn't seem quite such a good idea now …. -
  10. That was a storm and a half last night! Belfast didn't blow away although it was a near thing at times.
  11. Squalls here, some of which looked - believe it or not - sleety.
  12. Some snow on the hills surrounding Belfast, at least the ones I can see from here.
  13. Official warnings of flooding in Northern Ireland. Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin says it was "a very fluid situation". I kid you not. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-25580692
  14. Gawd, here we go again, more wind and rain. From the MOD thread it does look as if there could be a pattern change around mid Jan. If the strat indicates this, it must be so - that statement might get me banned - Doesn't mean snow, necessarily, but at least it would be a change from this constant soaking. Sorry, forgot - Happy New Year, everyone.
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