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  1. Been keeping a sneaky eye on it as well. Really have no right to expect anything but have hit the jackpot so far, so why Not?
  2. Not my picture but this is one of the roads around Canewdon, a few miles north of Southend. Many of the outlying villages in the area were cut off yesterday and overnight by snow drifts. Am very surprised we weren't in the amber warning area.
  3. If you click into the main news article it says on there. They updated in the last hour or so. I wondered if they were jumping the gun expecting met office to update.
  4. I have a go kart by comparison. Am not going anywhere! BBC website now saying an amber warning for London and South east although met office hasn't updated. Do you think they are assuming met office will issue warning soon?
  5. Some of the outlying villages in SE Essex have been virtually cut off this evening with abandoned vehicles and snow drifts blocking the roads. Getting light snow showers but the wind is very strong here in Canewdon. Had 5-6 inches already although we lost some in the sun this afternoon. Wondering how much more we might see. Could pass 2010 yet.
  6. Light snowfall in canewdon. Just watched that blob heading for us fizzle out as it hits land. What a waste
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