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  1. Was woken here in South Manchester by lightening about 15 mins ago. Lay in bed watching with the curtains open and some cracking fork lightening getting closer by the second. Just started raining.
  2. I saw a faint flash about 15 minutes ago over towards Warrington but that's been it. Still crossing everything that we get something and soon. I need to take the tiddley peeps to dancing in an hour. Don't really want to be driving / walking in it.Ooh the rain has suddenly got a LOT heavier here..............................
  3. Really deep distant rumbles heard here in last 5 mins. Think they are a few miles to my west. Hoping not all passes west of Manchester. Rain just starting to pep up as I am typing.
  4. It's funny you should say about a low rumble. I have just nipped out to the shop and thought I was imagining it. I am in Stretford and we often get planes landing or taking off rumbling by but it wasn't that.Getting darker by the second here.
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