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  1. Hefty amount fallen in bracknell from this. Very unexpected and it had just about stayed as snow all day...some drizzle/sleet this pm. Can't see where this has pepped up from!
  2. There has been a decent covering in Bracknell...next postcode up rg42...a tad higher but not enough to shout about. I'd say 3-5cm. I'll take it.
  3. Weird...very light in Bracknell. The minor differences can be amazing sometimes!
  4. Lol Nick. Know what you mean. Either people are not reading the synoptics or in their heads it has gone wrong. I'm still optimistic for where I am but I thought I'd do this for giggles on the train journey I am on Waterloo..light sizzle Clapham...nothing Richmond...noting Twickenham....dandruff Feltham....patchy covering but lots of falling snow. Ashford (doesn't call but saw station)....good covering Staines....a poor patchy covering...no falling precip Take from that what you will. The setup is very hard to read though and I'm still not sure just quite how much my hometown will get ?
  5. Beginning to think the bracknell snowshield will crumble. Could do ok out of this afterall
  6. Could be great for east berks. But equally. We could just be on the edge of the stuff from the south and the streamers overnight. Like Tuesday....im not expecting much so it isn't seen as a bust for us. Hirlam shows us being on the edge of the heavier stuff...so will see!
  7. I agree, I have a Bsc in Phys Geo and spent most of that doing meteorology and atmospheric science and some of this os over the bonce.....some well written guides would come in really really handy!
  8. Is there a link to CNN live feed? Im struggling to find it. The rate of intensification of Michael has been impressive to say the least.
  9. Well constant light to moderate snow here since about 6 or so. A good covering everywhere again. Id say 3-5 cm, depending on how sheltered the spot is. No idea what to make of this stuff from the west, frontal, semi convective with a hint of streamer properties is about as scientific as I can get. Going to bed.
  10. Well I didn't expect tt post in this thread again this season but here goes. I had a week in the mountains, payed little attention to the forecast back home, come back today to the mini beast and snow on the ground and now - more falling snow. Interesting developments tonight.The westward progression against the almost stalled fronts coming out of an apparent circulation to the SE of the UK. I really have not had much chance to look at charts or the fax outputs to work out if its the Thames Streamer or frontal stuff from France wrapping around the circulation. Either way, seems as though there will be more of the white stuff for the region. It will be interesting to see how the band from the East deals with the circulation in the SW and the constant bands stretching across the southwest. Two things could happen. The westerly component ceases and the bands from the east either stall, fizzle, or merge with the existing bands. Or, the momentum of the band moving west begins to move it all on. Really a nowcast this, time will tell.
  11. Well what a spell. In good old Bracknell we didn't do too badly, I think 10cm in places. My memory o this spell will be the extent of snow I saw in London, the cold and actually the ski=resort nature to the snow - powder. There is an irony that I think a swathe of the country that is something like west of the A22 and south of the M4, broadly speaking, has to have very specific and marginal or deep cold circumstances to expect snow. On Northeasterlies, there is too much country in the way. North westerly often the wrong side of marginal (though a north westerly meeting hot and warm in the summer is often brilliant for our patch). Easterly, streamer specific, South Easterly or southerly, by what you would call 'absurd' normally give us the battleground scenarios for the snow that we all crave. Sliders or Channel Lows, the best of those. The synoptics and temperature profile have been perfect and this will have been a 1 in 20 year event for most (5% chance in any given year), For some 1 in 50 (60's being the last incursion). It proves extremes happen, hot and cold. It certainly does not prove that climate change is a myth (pseudo geopolitical message in there for any doubters), if it bans me so be it. There are places a little east of me that got a fair bit less than Bracknell. But, the deep cold here was akin to being on a ski lift in the alps in January at times. That is saying something. I suppose it goes to show the great fragility and chaos that occurs on a global scale when events high up in our atmosphere take place. The irony of this being we are only just about understanding the connection it has. You can predict climate, you can predict weather with greater certainty now. But, for island nations and mountain areas, its incredible how often nowcast or T+12 is about as accurate as you get at times. So often events start from a tiny difference somewhere. Teleconnectors try to put this down to global wind anomaly, angular momentums, sunspots, lunar cycles and other technical measures I have a very limited understanding of. Such is the fragility of the system, that difference has to manifest perfectly to the solution that occurred last night for many. A low managing to punch through when the norm would be the cold winning out. The beast from the east, The ability for the high to retrogress so quickly and in some respects...allow the low through, The low moving in (and it stil seems bizarre to say it) - a northwest direction. We shall now endure a thaw and many will see drizzle or light rain tonight. In my area, I expect the snow to be widely gone by Monday or Tuesday and while at heart I am a coldie, I tend to think by mid march, I can ditch the hat and scarf and by early April, which features by birthday, that first beer in the pub, outside, maybe in just a t-shirt can take place. I shall very much go back to lurk status now and comment when need be. Unless winter proper makes an unlikely reprieve. I am never too sure if I should be in this thread or over the way. I feel over the way has too many people south and east of me who generally fair better, whereas here, we always seem to be chasing the same dream. That said, I am so glad the south west got the spell it got for those that seek it. For those that don't, remember extremes can happen and be prepared. If you take April 1 2017 to March 31 2018, it has been a record breaking year globally. Hurricane Irma, the Typhoons/cyclones to hit Japan and Asia, Aussie heatwaves, California wildfires, our cold spell just now, Ex Orphelia. Who is to say 2018/9 wont do the same. Equally, who is to say it will. Until next time.
  12. At feltham station and either it has missed out a lot or it has been blown away, because the snowcover here is really thin.
  13. The general direction of travel..the low was always forecast to move northwest. It has hung around a bit longer and a tad further east on 12z gfs. But as it begins to pivot and move northwest the rainbands in the eastern channel are looking as though they are doing the same.
  14. Those wanting a red warning...you know it doesn't actually change the amount of snow that will fall. That's down to the physical now cast this has now become. So the radar rather than any red warning is your friend/enemy. A northwestward movement must surely be due now.
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