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  1. a) a huge snowstorm of 2 feet followed by rapid thaw next day.
  2. I swear if I hear my rain alarm go off one more time and look out the window and it’s still nothing but sizzle for last 2 hours I am going to actually cry in Burgess Hill lol
  3. 1” in Burgess Hill is probably too generous but i’ll Say that’s what we have ️
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pawaca-Storm-Glass-Predictor-Barometer/dp/B075MDMH3G/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1519590992&sr=8-16&keywords=pawaca+storm+glass
  5. Our frogs were croaking away Monday but I think they have changed their minds and gone back into hibernation!
  6. Look at Rain Today http://www.raintoday.co.uk I miss the old Met Office radar :-(
  7. Just standing in the Garden in Burgess hill, seen two flashes and its spitting!
  8. Wants to go back to 2nd Dec 2010 ⛄ï¸

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    2. lassie23
    3. Don


      I wouldn't mind going back to 2nd February 2009! Can't believe it was 6 years ago!

    4. lassie23


      i'd go back to 1963

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