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  1. With the end of the World Cup football and the controversy concerning Qatar as the choice for 2022 , I thought it would be interesting to look at recent temperatures there, should Qatar remain the choice for 2022. I used official figures from Doha Airport for the same period as the recent World Cup (12 June to 16th July). Maximum temperatures: The average max occurring around 3pm local time was 42.6C. On the coolest day it only reached 37.9C, while the hottest peaked at 47.4C. On 10 days the maximum exceeded 44C. Minimum temperatures: The average minimum occurring around 6am local tim
  2. Lorenzo and Pixel, Many thanks. I knew there must be some better definition images. Gibli
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows of a source of good definition WV satellite images. The EUMETSAT site has excellent coverage but the definition is poor – about five shades of grey as here: http://oiswww.eumetsat.org/IPPS/html/MSG/IMAGERY/WV062/BW/WESTERNEUROPE/ I’m looking for coverage of the Atlantic (or eastern Atlantic) and western Europe. Either of these two examples would be OK if they covered the area I’m looking for: http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/imagemain.php?&basin=europe∏=wv&sat=m7 http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/goes/east/tatl/wv-l.jpg I previously used an I
  4. Trevor Harley's interesting site is about British weather and Jersey is part of the British Isles, so not frustrating at all . . . Gibli
  5. It was cold here in Jersey - the 2nd coldest May between 1894 and 2006. May 1902 - mean max 12.6C and mean min 7.2C (Overall 9.9C) May 1941 - mean max 12.9C and mean min 6.8C (Overall 9.8C) May 1996 overall was 11.0C down here, quite a lot warmer than 1902 or 1941. Gibli
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