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  1. Ermm, You might want to get the washing in if you're in the Bristol area, lol!
  2. Hi Ricepiolot! Beautiful shots there I'm also a long time lurker...11 years so far, hehe. The things we do for a shot, I remember many years ago being parked on a hill in Derbyshire somewhere, too petrified to step out the car because of the static on the radio.... not on the Medium wave bands.... UHF! For those that don't know, the higher up in frequency you go, the bigger or closer the spark has to be to be heard on the radio, so if you have a close (say5 miles) storm, you can pick it up on VHF (say 100MHz ish). Well, this was a ticking noise, gradually gaining in pace on 400Mhz ish.... (and EVERYTHING below!) What was basically happening was the atmosphere around me was so highly charged, the aerial on the car was acting like a Lightning Arrester, discharging it to the ground....wierd. Only ever happened to me a handful of times, but every time it does, I figure I'm better off inside the Faraday cage, than out of it, lol. Anyway... I've been up since about 0330 here, a few flashes near-by but nothing else. I have a line of something developing to the South East, but I fear it is far too light for any proper photographs, only phone based stuff. I am secretly hoping for some really heavy rain, as my next door neighbour decided last week that his section of roadside ditch was too, well, ditch-like, and has made it look all lovely and landscaped....and flat....however, mine (up-stream) is still very much ditch like in capacity.... I'm quite keen to see how that works out. I suspect most of his landscaping will end up further down the hill at some point today, money doesn't buy brains. Good luck all!
  3. Parked up about 5miles north of Lincoln, after driving like a (perfectly legal) loon chasing the north Yorkshire storm (didn't realise it was that far away at the time). Decreed it was moving faster than me so stopped here to take what photos I could, only to discover I had no tripod (schoolboy error!). Managed to get some some lighting captured though by not breathing an balancing on the back of the motor. They look OK ish (if you squint and have an active imagination!). Can't believe it's so far away (115 miles by road). Back home, I suppose, to some nicely chilling beer! (still 23 degree here in the middle of nowhere) G
  4. The Atmosphere is thick here. Occasional Ac and tiny tiny Micro Cu. The sky is in full tease mode. The tension is palpable... Both in the air, on the radar (Blast you Anaprop!) and on the forum..... You Guys are awesome and so is this weather. Reminds me very much of when I discovered and consequently joined this forum, way way back in 2006. *Reaches for another Beer and Patiently waits*
  5. Thanks guys,I have got some pictures which are hopefully below, all this is on my phone and the technology is against me! Apologies if the pics are either massive or tiny, I literally don't know what I'm doing... whilst compiling this post, I felt I was being watched.... I was (last pic). edit; I have no idea why the owl is on its side, I can't rotate it, sorry!
  6. Time lapse - Crowland storm 20th July 2014: If you watch about halfway through, you can see what looks like some interesting rotation going on.
  7. Chasing Crowland storm at the moment, had to 'core punch' a few times through what I can only describe as a monsoon. can't post pics at the mo, got to move as the rain is coming!
  8. Chasing Crowland storm at the moment, had to 'core punch' a few times through what I can only describe as a monsoon. can't post pics at the mo, got to move as the rain is coming!
  9. Back end of the main body of precip moving through here (Grantham). Good signs of convection, the pic is taken to the East ( so sort of just sth of sleaford way), the video to the west. Apologies for the naffness, spur of the moment stuff! (all this was about 10min ago) (shaking like a whatsit, so had to use the youtube stabilisation (which is a bit like being drunk.....) also, it 4x speed..... G Yes, They do need cleaning.......
  10. Radar courtesy of Netweather Just put new Batteries in the storm shield, as its taken a battering today...... Black in all directions, would be out on the road, but I can't be doing with the traffic! Maybe in an hour or so, cameras fully charged....... Good luck all and stay safe ( he says with his leg 2 inches from a piece cable connected to a mast which is the one of the highest thing around for miles....) G
  11. Just been outside and was taken with how fast the low level clouds are moving north to south, even though the rain band is moving the opposite direction. As the below NMM grabs clearly illustrate, the low level shear is quite clear, along with the convergence zones. The surface (ish) zone is set to move slowly north throughout the day (very slowly), whereas the 700hpa zone moves a little faster, while rotating anti-clockwise, sort of ending a little west, but aligned with the spine of the country, before becoming less defined. Band movement Low level movement. Screen shots courtesy Netweather Extra Bits of blue sky showing here now and if the cloud clears quick enough down south, to get some heating, I think we could be in for an interesting day.... G
  12. Hi, SS, Hope your buckets are holding out! It looks like you are in a ever so slightly drier interlude at the mo but I fear you may have mush more before the day is out I think the band is starting to stall, my art and design department has come up with a wonderful overlay for the awesome Netweather radar, which tries to illustrate current movement, this seems to tie in with wind plots also. Quite interesting little vortices on the back of the band, almost like where parts of the main body of precip are being peeled off and sent North East... Radar grab courtesy Netweather Edit; Forgot to add, I was awoken by the rain banging on the window this morning (0520ish) with a strong wind from the north. As I type the rain has pepped up again. About 10mm fallen here in the last couple of hours. G
  13. Hi, ChezWeather. I guess that band of precip is with you now, as I took these nearly an hour ago! Not the best pics in the world (had HDR on ), but the front looked quite menacing on its approach. Looking back at the radar, it looks kinda like this line of rain started as a literal spin off from the rear of the MCS last night, Almost as though it created its on little cold front and spun it up the country. As I type the sun is coming out and only high cloud is about, so hopefully we can get some good heating on the go to spark off our very own MCS! (disclaimer: Forecast based on hopecasting!) Cheers G
  14. Thought I'd finally post in this forum, after lurking for 8 years! A couple of mature Tcu looking north East ish from Grantham.
  15. Gazarhya

    Noctilucent Cloud (Enhanced)