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  1. I’m in Telford atm but my hubby is in Wrexham. It actually scared me this storm in Telford today and I’m not easily scared by them lol
  2. Constant thunder and lightning. Vibrating the house. In Telford.
  3. Cracking little cell isn’t it. I’ve just added a picture of the back edge of it. The constant grumbling is ace. I’m drenched in sweat just sitting here in the garden lol
  4. Constant thunder from the storm I can see in Telford. Seems to be towards Wellington area. Growing nicely!
  5. Another cell gone up with some good rumbles in Telford IMG_9966.MOV
  6. Nice rumbles from this loveliness by Telford. Visiting the in laws today and staying overnight
  7. I just heard that flying over and wondered what mega view they would be having watching the storms.
  8. I’m in Rhosddu. Could hear big booms of distant thunder but the lightning is incredible. Just constant.
  9. Seems to be picking up pace again. Bigger lightning flashes and just the whole sky constantly lit up.
  10. Storm passed just wide of Wrexham towards Crewe area but the constant flashing and the booms of thunder were something else. Lots of pink anvil crawlers. Still going now. Fantastic light show from Mother Nature.
  11. Can see lightning approaching and distant thunder. Fabulous.
  12. Sky is slate grey and bright orange from the setting sun. So oppressive!
  13. Looking very ominous to my south east now. Might see some distant lightning if it was darker.
  14. Ah right. It just looks a cloudy mess to me now lol. I hope it keeps gunning for north east wales. The lightning last night was unreal!
  15. Can’t make anything out of it now really. Is it dying off?
  16. Is this the mid Wales cell that I can see here from Wrexham, north Wales?? If so, it’s huge!!
  17. I keep thinking that and then it ramps up a few notches again lol
  18. Intracloud lightning. It’s been that here. Thunder sounds so high up! Lol
  19. Kicking back off over Wrexham now with big flashes and big thunder. Can still see about 3 storms on the go at the same time.
  20. Lovely isn’t it. I’m back in the garden now. Can’t believe how constant the lightning still is. 2 1/2 hours of constant lightning now.
  21. Would not surprise me. I don’t know where to look there’s that much lightning to see.
  22. Certainly is. My peaceful sitting in the garden was interrupted with a humongous flash of lightning and a massive rumble of thunder. New pants needed
  23. Sitting in the garden now, constantly lit up with strobe lightning. It’s so humid it’s like sitting in a pressure cooker. Not a breath of wind nor a sound of thunder. Eerie.
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