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  1. Yep! Woke me up with a start in Wrexham. Lots of thunder and lightning and torrential rain!
  2. Ah it did look like something was starting to form but I’m not an expert so wasn’t sure. Wonder if anyone has the radar for the time I posted to see if it actually was a tornado trying to form!
  3. Wondered at first what this was trying to form as I just looked outside 🌪 Massive rain but no thunder this time!
  4. Had a few flashes and rumbles out of this one. Hanging out the spare room window
  5. Nice little storm over Wrexham not long back. Near constant thunder for about half an hour and saw quite a bit of elevated CC lightning. Took some videos but hard to see in the day time. Suns come back out now and it feels more humid than it did before! Attached a photo of the storm approaching towards the town centre
  6. Wow that’s awesome. I’ve ducked a few times as well as felt it was too close haha. Such an amazing storm!! So much thunder and lightning. Like a kid on Christmas morning but gonna regret it at 8am when I need to go to work lol
  7. In Wrexham and there is massive strobe, CC and CG lightning with some huge booming ground shaking thunder. Hail too. Awesome. Tho as I was watching the sky I fell over the doorstep and cut my leg. Not bothered - gimme more storms!!!
  8. Had another 10 maybe distant flashes and 1 quite big elevated flash. 2 rumbles of thunder. Air so still and stars above me still lol
  9. I can’t get the HMS Warrior cam to work. It just has a spinny round icon in the middle of the screen but doesn’t load in. Anyone else having problems?
  10. Hope so! Nothing is showing on my radar except the rain not far from Aberystwyth
  11. Sat in the garden as too hot in the house. These clouds forming now Looking good!!
  12. Thanks, keep hoping but I always end up disappointed lol. The atmosphere feels absolutely primed for it, so humid and getting more so as the evening goes on.
  13. Still 32c here and humidity unbearable. Can’t hardly breath it’s so bad! Is Wrexham NE Wales in the firing line for definite tonight? If so what time is it due to hit?
  14. Walking home from work just now has nearly killed me off. It’s so hot and humid it’s unbearable!! Here in Wrexham it’s 32c currently. Sky mainly clear with a few wisps around. Hope we get a big storm tonight!!!
  15. Another cracking little storm here in Wrexham. Not seen much lightning but some real loud rolling claps of thunder.
  16. Just as I was getting all excited, it died! Grr. Still more than I expected today lol
  17. Had about 10-15 rumbles of thunder here in Wrexham. Nice looking on the radar but unsure if it’s coming this way or not. EDIT 16.41 Seems to have died off now!
  18. Got about 3 different lightning maps on the go... hoping... waiting.... then i get a headache and think “oooooh thunder head” and then nothing happens except rain. Feeling peed off atm
  19. Absolutely piddling down here but no sign of any storms! I have a feeling in my bones this ain’t going to happen here now
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