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  1. It was around 2030hrs yesterday evening. I had a look at the timelapse from a camera at a different location, and the wispy white 'mist' developed very quickly from the ground and moved upwards and laterally(?) in the direction of the clouds. Scud maybe? I'll try and convert it to video and put it on Youtube, though the quality isn't that great.
  2. Some very dramatic skies to the East of me earlier this evening. Was this a wall cloud? The white wispy stuff appeared for a few minutes or so. Will have to check the time-lapse cam!
  3. Excellent, all working fine again thanks.
  4. The GFES ensembles are stuck on yesterday's 18z. Can someone give them a hefty kick?
  5. GEFS have also been stuck for me since June 5th 18z. Can someone give it a kick?
  6. If I was PM I would make Polari the official language of the UK

  7. nothing to be done

  8. The GEFS ensembles are stuck on the 12z again. They've been otherwise quite reliable for the last month though, but when they do get stuck it's always on the Saturday 12z.
  9. GEFS ensembles are stuck on yesterday's 12z.
  10. OK, thanks. Sometimes I haven't posted because I worried it might be annoying, but I'll do so if it happens in the future. Hopefully not though.
  11. The GEFS ensembles are stuck again. Is it annoying me posting here every time they freeze? If someone wants to give me a username to send a PM to instead when it next happens then I'll gladly do that.
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