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  1. Had some nice isolated storms there the other week. Doesn't it just show the true impact of such storms though? The most spectacular storm iv'e ever seen was on mainland Spain near Reus. Our plane landed just before the storm arrived, seeing lightning strikes from the aircraft was quite shocking. We then had to wade ankle deep through water off of our coach into the hotel, followed by an evening of spectacular anvil crawlers. Finally on our way back home, we had flash flooding in the street again, followed by the most amazing take off at sunset with brilliant CB clouds in the sunset. I have photos, the first ones I uploaded to netweather. Anyway back onto topic, we have a strange almost summer like set up tomorrow. Not holding my breath but lets see.
  2. I think I’d rather have classic summer weather with the odd plume thrown in. If one thing we’ve learnt this summer it’s that heat doesn’t guarantee storms.
  3. A bolt from the blue is a bit misleading as there still has to be a storm nearby but not overhead. You don’t get lightning from clear blue sky. Sometimes lightning detectors can show false positives, in not sure of the reasons why but I’m sure someone could explain!
  4. Omg gorgeous supercell and wall cloud Does anyone have radar data from this time?
  5. An aircraft moving through the air can help trigger it.
  6. I’m just watching the planes going into Heathrow from Wimbledon? Where did you see this?
  7. Had a nice little show from the storm to the west of London. My commute home has brung me back east now away from those but just noticed the cell pop up heading for Croydon. I think for all of us it’s just a case of radar watching now. Forget what the models are saying
  8. The sky is extremely dark to my south. Some interesting laminar features going on. Big flash of lightning. I have a feeling I may get wet!
  9. This is all perfect timing for me as I’m about to leave work. Hopefully they will intensify
  10. Just noticed too! Maybe some nice surprises. Ideal would be late afternoon storms then clearing in time for the lunar eclipse
  11. I wasn’t commenting on the intestity but there’s a couple of the more isolated storms including that one showing that kidney bean shape which is a sign of shear.
  12. I know you have to be careful with radar but this storm near Barnsley seems to have an interesting and sustained shape on radar.
  13. We had this around midnight last night but it never evolved into anything.
  14. It sounds like some family members up in Yorkshire are getting some good storms. One thing amazes me as a weather geek is how people’s view of what’s going on is so localised, almost to the street they live on. I saw someone commenting how it was “blue sky but thundering, weird weather” when in fact there we’re storms less than a mile away. It’s almost as if people look at one small patch of sky out of one window and think that’s indicative of the whole sky! If they’d probably looked out of another they’d have noticed the great big looming storm clouds! Peoples perception of weather fascinates me.