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  1. Lee could you be hearing shotguns from the range in Worsley? As the crow flies not that far away.
  2. I went to Dawlish at the end of May seven or eight years ago. When I arrived for my holiday the temperature was 11c. Yesterday, the shortest day was 13c. Incredible!
  3. Can anyone answer what might be an obvious question? The Sun is a big nuclear reaction. It has shone for billions of years because it is a nuclear reactor and this doesn't use much fuel. However every 5 days on average there is a CME ( Coronal mass ejection). According to Wiki t he average mass is 1.6×1012kg of material ejected. How can this be? I wouldn't know how to do the maths but why hasn't the Sun used up all of its mass many millions of years ago? Brian.
  4. When my dog was about 6 months old I was walking him and my older dog past a local church. At a certain point my pups hackles raised and he wouldn't take his eyes off an old gate which is not used and now fronts a field. I had to pull him away as he was rooted to the spot. Some time later I read a book on local history and found that this was the location of a morgue many years ago. St Michaels church in flixton. Another very odd incident was about 10 years ago. One of my two dogs had been put to sleep due to cancer. A few days later I and my other dog were at the foot of our stairs. Bot
  5. benny

    Car advice

    I find this website very useful. It shows all car manufacturers reliability on a sliding scale and it breaks down the faults. For example a "normal" car will have an index of 100. A more reliable car will be lower and a less reliable car more than 100. It is very surprising to see certain models have a terrible record. Check out the Bmw X3. http://www.reliabilityindex.com/reliability/search/283 Another great website is Honest John.http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/ Brian
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